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Kak Mah Bihun Sup Viral @ Pendang, Kedah

Once an unknown stall selling Bihun Sup Daging in a rather remote village in Pendang, Kedah, Kak Mah Bihun Sup have gone viral in 2017 thanks to social media due to the hearty bowl of bihun soup served here is packed with a lot of beef with a price tag ranging from RM 3.50 to RM 5.00 only.

Kak Mah Bihun Sup Viral @ Pendang, Kedah

Kak Mah has never been stingy on the quantity of beef put into a bowl of a simple bihun soup. The quantity is so enormous that is hardly justified by its cheap price tag (RM 3.50; small) for the bowl of noodle I was having. Perhaps due to its location at kampung area that made the food here so affordable.

The overall taste is enjoyable. Soup offers a light taste while addition of beef does not cause murkiness. Add some chili for a bolder taste, though it does not give much hot sensation.

Well, the location of Kak Mah Bihun Sup is quite hidden in Pendang. Nevertheless, if you were to enjoy this hearty bowl of, check out the facebook page as occasionally they will setup stall in Seberang Jaya, Sungai Petani and Alor Setar.

Kak Mah Bihun Sup Viral @ Pendang, Kedah

Kak Mah Bihun Sup Viral @ Pendang, Kedah

Kak Mah Bihun Sup Viral
No. 47, Kampung Paya Kerchut Mukim, Jalan Ayer Puteh, 06720, Pendang, Kedah.
Operation hours: 12pm - 7pm (Closed on Friday)
Tel: 019 - 560 3409

Kak Mah Bihun Sup Viral Facebook

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