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Char Siew & Lap Cheong @ Restaurant Liang Yun Hua 梁荣华饭店, Papar, Sabah

Papar, a small agricultural town about 40km from Kota Kinabalu, the capital of Sabah is not a prominent tourist spot. However if you happen to be in this small town and looking for something decent to eat, then Restaurant Liang Yun Hua 梁荣华饭店 with a history of more than 80 years will be a great choice. Locals tend to eat the various pork delicacies served here such as homemade Char Siew, Lap Cheong (pork sausage) and Sio Bak (Roasted Pork) with either rice or noodle. The popularity of the eatery is so enormous that sometimes the pork are sold out before the eatery is closed.

Restaurant Liang Yun Hua 梁荣华饭店 Papar Pork

I am not a big fan of white rice so noodle is always my choice. Luck was not on my side during my visit, as Sio Bak was sold out so I settled for a bowl of Kon Lau Mee with mixture of Lap Cheong and Char Siew.

The Lap Cheong and Char Siew were real good. Both have a soft texture that almost melt the moment in your mouth and giving our aromatic smell, especially the lap cheong. The size is bigger than the conventional lap cheong or char siew you will get in the market. Same applies to the taste as well, it is unique and no where else could offer such taste. 

For the Kon Lou Mee, it has nothing to shout about.

Restaurant Liang Yun Hua 梁荣华饭店 Papar Pork

Restaurant Liang Yun Hua 梁荣华饭店 Papar Pork

Restaurant Liang Yun Hua 梁荣华饭店
Jalan Tanjung Pagar, Papar, 89607 Sabah
Operation hours: 6am to 5pm

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