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Pearl Garden 海珠嶼海鮮 & Avatar Secret Garden @ Tanjung Tokong, Penang

Pearl Garden 海珠嶼海鮮 is one of the ideal location to enjoy some simple and original seafood. The restaurant is located beside the popular Avatar Secret Garden with dazzling colour of neon lights draping from the tree branches. The restaurant basically features a few stalls that sells various snacks such as oyster omelette, spring chicken, satay but most patrons come here to enjoy the charcoal baked prawns or crabs. Apparently, these are the only dishes few dishes offered by the restaurant.

Pearl Garden Seafood 海珠嶼海鮮
Baked Crab (RM 60; 1kg)

Baked Prawn (RM 48; half a kilo)

The price for the seafood here is seasonal, and we were charged RM 48 for half a kilo of fresh prawns and RM 60 for a kilo of crabs. Considering the restaurant is located at the prominent Tanjung Tokong area which had been influx by tourists, the price is relatively reasonable.

Only one cooking method is being practised by the restaurant, which is charcoal baked and lightly seasoned with salts. This render the seafood produce retained its original taste, with a light smoky taste and a tad seasoning that elevated the flavour. 

We enjoyed the way whereby a wooden pound is given to us to break the crab shell. A very original and traditional way to enjoy the crabs. 

Pearl Garden Seafood 海珠嶼海鮮
Spring Chicken

Pearl Garden Seafood 海珠嶼海鮮
Oyster Omelette

While you are waiting to order the seafood, the hawker stall owner will approach you to order other dishes for trial. Fried Spring Chicken is quite a decent delicacy with its tender meat and slight crisp skin, but the oyster omelette is a mediocre.

Pearl Garden Seafood 海珠嶼海鮮

The coconut drink is something refreshing to have for the night! 

Pearl Garden Seafood 海珠嶼海鮮

Neighbouring to the restaurant is the amazing Penang Avatar Garden, where you can take a stroll to gaze at the wonderful neon lights when the dusk set in. There are also a small park features different type of sea deity on the other side should you want to enjoy some breeze after dinner.

Sea Garden Cafe(Previously known as Sea Pearl Lagoon Garden Cafe)
338, Jalan Tokong Thai Pak Koong, Tanjong Tokong, 11200 Tanjung Bungah, Pulau Pinang

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  1. Note that you MUST order crab only then you can sit in the cafe. Cannot even order other things on the menu or drinks. Dissapointing. If you are not a fan of crabs..dont bother. Better to sit at the table in front of the satay stall, they serve one of the best satay.