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Nasi Lan @ Alor Setar, Kedah

Nasi Lan in Alor Setar is not only popular for serving a plate of mouth-watering Nasi Kandar, they are also renowned for operating their stall in a narrow alley between 2 buildings and a breakfast location (yes, they sell Nasi Kandar as breakfast)! Just like any ordinary Nasi Kandar stalls, they offer various dishes such as ayam goreng, bendi, telur masin and their renowned sotong kembang, then the flavour is elevated by drenching the yellow rice with their mixture of aromatic curry with spices. As like any regular Nasi Kandar stall, their price does not come cheap.. 

Nasi Lan Alor Setar

My plate of sotong kembang, ayam goreng with bendi come to RM 14.20 in total. Well, the price did not run much from my expectation. Taste wise, I am quite pleased with the flavour portfolio that yielded from the curry concoction. It gives a semi-light taste without overwhelming or surfeiting sensation, much pleasing to the taste buds when coupled with the rice.

Both the sotong kembang and ayam goreng are delicious and live up to the high expectation that I brought over. A return to Nasi Lan? Yes probably, but perhaps with lesser dishes. I do not want to overburden my stomach early in the morning

Other than Alor Setar, Nasi Lan also have branch in Shah Alam.

Nasi Lan Alor Setar

Nasi Lan Alor Setar

Nasi Lan Alor Setar
Tepi lorong Kompleks Peruda, Jalan Dato' Wan Mohamad Abdul Saman, Alor Setar, 05000, Kedah.
Operation hours: 6.45am - 2:30pm Daily

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