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Jamie's Italian @ Orchard, Singapore

Jamie's Italian is one of the great choices available for a feast of Italian classic staples in Singapore. The chained restaurant is one of brainchild of the popular United Kingdom celebrity chef, and it has 2 outlets in Singapore at Orchard and VivoCity. Jamie Oliver is known for uncompromisingly fresh, sustainably sourced and whole food cookings. Despite we have read some criticisms at the restaurant on the Internet, the outlets in Singapore still remained popular among the locals, and our visit there was rewarded with some palatable dishes as well.

Jamie's Italian Orchard Singapore

Jamie's Italian Orchard Singapore
Sweet Potato ($7.95)
Jamie's Italian Orchard Singapore
Italian Nachos ($12.95)
Jamie's Italian Orchard Singapore
Crispy Squid ($19.95)

Business was brisk during our visit on a Saturday night with all the tables were occupied. We were being seated at the waiting area politely, served with plain water swiftly and given the menu for us to decide on the dishes to be ordered later. However it is recommended to make early booking to prevent long waiting or disappointment. 

Considering antipasti (appetizers) are common in Italy as Italians prefer to enjoy their meals in staggering format, we ordered a few appetizers though not the classic Italian version to sample.

While we waited for our main or entree dishes to be served, the sweet potatoes serve well as a finger food. It is nice are nicely cut in appropriate size and lightly seasoned with salts to give it a desirable taste. Italian Nachos on the other hand, is unique on its own as it was ravioli filled with three different type of cheese and then deep fried. It goes very well with the arrabbiata sauce that offers a slight spicy sensation with a bit of pungent taste from the garlic. 

Crispy squid is fried with chili, garlic and parsley, and the garlicky mayo dipping sauce makes an excellent condiment. 

Jamie's Italian Orchard Singapore
SPC Fish ($32)

Jamie's Italian Orchard Singapore
Gnocchi ($26.95)

Jamie's Italian Orchard Singapore
Pizza Margherita ($26.95)
When we were struggling for the entree dishes, the crew recommended as an off-menu item - SPC Fish Burger. It comes with a fresh Salmon fillet as the patty, then the bun was nicely toasted with butter to give it an aromatic flavour. Salts are being used to season the burger, which gives it a pleasant taste but occasionally the we do feel an over stimulus by the salt granules. Asparagus is being implied on an unique way to give a crunchy texture to the fluffy salmon, alternating the sensation between soft and crunch that yields a balance. 

I am a little excited when I spotted Gnocchi as not many restaurants manage to execute this dish well. In Jamie's Otalian, the potato gnocchi is not starchy excessively, and the Gorgonzola sauce mixed with creamy cauliflower are rich yet not surfeiting. A nice combination, though 2 person sharing would be better. Some roasted cauliflowers are tossed into the gnocchi to give a less starchy sensation. 

Pizza Margherita resembles a classic Italian made pizza with nice crust that is thin and crisp. The fresh tomato sauce and parmesan make a nice combination. 

As a Malaysian coming to Singapore, we felt the price was alright if we ignore the conversion rate. 

Jamie's Italian Orchard Singapore

Jamie's Italian
583, Orchard Rd, #01-04 / 04 Forum, Singapore 238884
Operation hours: 11.30am - 10:00pm (Sunday - Thursday; till 11pm on Friday & Saturday)
Tel: +65 6655 7676

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