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Nasi Kandar Jeti @ Butterworth, Penang

A trip to Penang most likely would have include Nasi Kandar on the food to try list as many said Penang serves one of the best Nasi Kandar in Malaysia. Having said that, there are many Nasi Kandar restaurants or stalls in Penang and today our friend in Butterworth introduced this neighbourhood Nasi Kandar stall which surprisingly good - Nasi Kandar Jeti. The name was derived from its prime location which is located beside the jetty, and hence a popular destination for lunch by people working within the vicinity. 

Nasi Kandar Jeti Butterworth

Nasi Kandar Jeti Butterworth

Usually, popular Nasi Kandar stalls in the town often bear a higher price tag but this is not the case for Nasi Kandar Jeti. 3 plates of roughly similar Nasi Kandar like the picture above, inclusive of 3 drinks and a top up of another piece of fried chicken cost RM 28, which is a fair price.

Taste is above average as the fried chicken is succulent with crisp skin, and curry mixture is more skewed toward Malay style curry. Always request to have some fried onion (bawang goreng) to add on some aromatic portfolio to the rice.

One thing we found interesting is that the owner of Nasi Kandar Jeti not only speaks excellent English and Malay but also masters Hokkien, the local dialect like a true Penangite. 

Nasi Kandar Jeti Butterworth

Roti Canai here is a decent choice too, and sometimes in the morning they do serve toast Roti Benggali.

Nasi Kandar Jeti
3908, Jalan Pantai, 12100 Butterworth, Pulau Pinang
Operation hours: 6.30 am - 3 pm (Daily), except Friday until 12.30 pm

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