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Domino's Pizza Malaysia NEW Samyeang Pizza

Say Annyeong Haseyo to Domino's Pizza Malaysia latest Samyeang Pizza trio, which is available in 3 flavours: Chicken, Tuna, Beef and the delicious Ayam-haseyo Chicken Wings. This limited time menu is set to available at all Domino's Pizza Malaysia branches till May tentatively, and set to give your taste buds a twist by the unique blend of Samyeang sauce that packs with a thrilling spicy sensation. To give you a heads up, just imagine the taste of the renowned Samyang noodles!

Thanks to Domino's Pizza Malaysia for extending the invitation.

Domino's Pizza Malaysia Samyeang Pizza

Developed by Domino's Pizza, Samyeang sauce is the stars for all the pizza trios. It gives the hot spicy feeling, yet carries a hint of sweetness that makes us yearning for more of it. The pizza trio is ranked on its spiciness as below:

1) Samyeang Tuna Pizza - light
2) Samyeang Chicken Pizza - mild
3) Samyeang Beef Pizza - hot

Domino's Pizza Malaysia Samyeang Pizza

Personally, the beef pizza impressed us with the strong hotness and we can see the layering of beef in between the pizza dough. Then there is fine taste of sweetness, something like mayonnaise sauce that neutralize the spiciness shortly. That allows you to have a piece after another.

Domino's Pizza Malaysia Samyeang Pizza

Domino's Pizza Malaysia Samyeang Pizza

If you are not a beef person or you prefer something lighter, then Samyeang Chicken or Samyeang Tuna should fit your appetite.

Domino's Pizza Malaysia Samyeang Pizza

Not to miss out the newly introduced Ayam-haseyo Chicken Wings, which is baked to perfection with an outer coating of the delicious Samyeang sauce. It was not super spicy but has a milder hotness, allowing you enjoy the chicken wings slowly.

For a greater value, order the 2 Pizza deal and enjoy the Samyeang pizzas with extra cheese. Available from RM 33 for 2 regular pizzas, RM 55 for two large pizzas and RM 77 for two extra large pizzas. Quite a good deal right?

In addition, personal-sized Samyeang Pizza is available for Super Tuesday deals on every Tuesday from as low as RM 3.90 for online takeaway order and RM 4.90 for over the counter order!

Remember to tag Domino's Pizza @DominoMY and #samyeang for all the Samyeang pizzas you are having!

Domino's Pizza Malaysia Samyeang Pizza

Domino's Pizza Malaysia Samyeang Pizza

On top of that, do not miss out their delicious new treat - Cheesy Four, Chocolate Cake and Peanut Butter Choc Lave, such an indulgence when having those savoury and sweet treats!

Domino's Pizza Malaysia Samyeang Pizza

Sign up Domino Express Card at RM 50 to enjoy the VIP offers all year round:
  • Buy 1 Free 1 Pizza
  • 25% off on ala carte Pizza
  • Birthday Treats
  • Exclusive Monthly Promotions
  • Buy 1 Free 1 for selected sides

Upon card activation, you will receive a gift of FREE regular pizza ecoupon!

Visit your nearest Domino Pizza outlet to purchase or order them online.

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