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Ciao Italia @ Perth, Australia

Googling Perth for the famous and must go restaurant must likely will land your search into Ciao Italia, an Italian restaurant in South Perth. The popularity was so immense that it was fully seated by the time we reached there on a raining evening, with the crowd ranging from locals and tourists, and there was an exodus of crowd lining up outside of the restaurant just to get a seat.

Ciao Italia Perth Australia
Siciliana Pizza
We had no idea on how to get into the queue list upon arriving at the restaurant and just waited stupidly outside for an empty table. After a while, we realized that names must be submitted to the manager on duty and he will call up the names when table is available. It was a lucky night as a table for 2 is available soon after name is submitted. 

Ciao Italia Perth Australia

The Italian inspired menu did leave us puzzled a while as we have limited exposure to Italian food that time (yes, we only know carbonara, spaghetti, linguine and a few more via our knowledge in Penang). Therefore, we landed ourselves a Penne with vodka (AUD 14.50).

Original price was AUD 19.50 but we opted for a size reduction and get a $5 off, which we felt for better as even the reduced size penne was enormous for our two Asian's stomach!

Penne was well cooked to a nice texture and it has a pleasant tomato taste. A simple and nice dinner for the day.

Ciao Italia Perth Australia

We assumed Italy is well known of Pizza hence we simply ordered a pizza for trial. Sicilianna Pizza (AUD 27.50) has a light scent of pleasant wooden burnt taste. Crust is crisp yet soft, and the pizza is topped with bacon and ricotta cheese. It is a classic exemplary of great work of Italian Pizza.

Ciao Italia Perth Australia

Ciao Italia Perth Australia

Star of the day is somehow not the main. Tiramisu (AUD 11.50) stole the star of the night, leaving us a delectable taste till today. It is one of the best Tiramisu we have had so far (apologies for not having been to Europe or American to taste even better Tiramisu should there is any), with a creamy sauce and cheesy cake packed with a punch of soothing alcohol sensation. If we stay in Australia, Ciao Italia will top our list for a stop for a piece of Tiramisu after meal, even with the long waiting. 

Ciao Italia Perth Australia

Ciao Italia Perth Australia

Check out the crowd outside the restaurant and it was raining during that moment. 

Ciao Italia
273 Mill Point Rd, South Perth WA 6151, Australia
Operation hours: 5 - 10 pm (Closed on Sunday & Monday)

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