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Tuaran Mee - the signature local noodle @ Mee Tuaran Restaurant, Tuaran

Tuaran Mee is a signature noodle that can only be found in Sabah and is one of the local pride. The noodles use homemade egg noodles originated from a small town in Sabah, Tuaran. Though Tuaran Mee might be widely available across restaurant but if you were to taste the original, a trip to Mee Tuaran restaraunt at the town is a must.

Tuaran Mee Sabah

Do not be afraid if you did not see Tuaran Mee on the menu of the restaurant as it is called as Mee Goreng instead. Choose the different toppings you want to have (price vary depending on selection) to go along with the noodles, and you will be served swiftly later.

Tuaran Mee Sabah

The plate of noodles is lightly fried with egg and without excessive usage of soy sauce, rendering a natural yellow colour of the noodles. The noodles are springy, and certain part of the noodles are charred to give it a crisp sensation and added texture. My bowl of Tuaran Mee is topped with delicious pork slices.

Locals might also opt for dried version or better known as konlou.

I forgot to take the picture for the shop, but just look out for Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara Tuaran on the main street and the shop is directly below it. 

Tuaran Mee Sabah
Pagoda Ling San, one of the main attraction in Tuaran which offers magnificent view on top of it. 

Mee Tuaran Restaurant
Jalan Lama Tuaran, 89150, Tuaran, Sabah, Malaysia
Operation hours: 7am - 4pm
Landmarks: Below Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara Tuaran

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