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Easy Western Food Recipe with Pacific West's New Cheezy Fish Fillets

Pacific West has unlocked cooking into a new trend by developing a series of new products that add value and enrich consumer lifestyles with convenience, innovation and quality. Recently, they have introduced a new improved formula - Cheezy Fish Fillets in November 2017, a simple delicacy that fits into Pacific West's tagline "The taste that world loves!".

Thanks to Pacific West Malaysia for sponsoring the products

Pacific West Cheezy Fish Fillet Malaysia

The new Cheezy Fish Fillets fit the culinary expectations as cheese is one of the most loved and consumed foods around the world, regardless of adults or children. That is why Pacific integrates cheese into their fish fillet. The natural white flaky fish fillet is topped with mixture of premium Mozarella and Nacho cheese, then coated with a crispy Japanese breadcrumbs to give an unique aroma and taste. 

Most importantly, the new Cheezy Fish Fillets are easy to cooked. It can be :

  • Cook directly from freezer
  • Air fried
  • Toasted oven 

This fits the modern lifestyle nowadays. Whereby after work you may directly take the items from freezer and deep fried it, or put it to air fryer for healthier style of preparation. All choices are on your hand.

Pacific West Cheezy Fish Fillet Malaysia

It is a Sunday afternoon and we thought of having a Western style meal yet we have less than an hour for preparation. Thus, we thought of prepare a classic Western plate - fish fillet plate. This simple yet elegant dish is simple to prepare with Pacific West new Cheezy Fish Fillets nowadays.

These are the ingredients we have to prepare the lunch:

  • Pacific West Cheezy Fish Filets
  • US Russet Potatoes
  • Corns
  • Asparagus
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Butter
  • Pepper
  • Salt

Pacific West Cheezy Fish Fillet Malaysia

Pacific West Cheezy Fish Fillet Malaysia

While making the mashed potatoes, cooking the asparagus and preparing the butter corn, we can put Pacific West Cheezy Fish Fillets into the oven and just wait for it to be cooked! It is simple and easy! 

Pacific West Cheezy Fish Fillet Malaysia

Look at the cheese layer just beneath the breadcrumbs! 

Pacific West Cheezy Fish Fillet Malaysia

Pacific West Cheezy Fish Fillet Malaysia

Look at the end product we have here. How intriguing! You can even prepare a cafe culinary at your home nowadays with Pacific West products! If you have some time to spare, you may prepare some Calamari rings from Pacific West as side dishes and extra bites for the evening. 

Pacific West Cheezy Fish Fillet Malaysia

Good news for all people buying Pacific West products as you are entitled to win a grand prize for a holiday for 2 to Perth (4D3N) and 4 2nd prize, a holiday for 2 to Bali (4D3N). Do check out their website www.pacificwestfoods.com and Facebook page www.fb.com/PacificWest.my for more information.

The contest runs till 15th January 2018.

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