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Travel gets cheaper with Traveloka

Despite the facts that we constantly blog on food, deep buried inside our heart lies the urge to go travelling around the globe and explore the cuisine different parts of the world has to offer. Nevertheless, let's face the truth. A trip will lose its meaning if we cut the spending here & there. Imagine if you see a mouthwatering luscious seafood platter with succulent oysters but it exceeded your budget by a mere 10 dollars, and you choose to give it a skip; or you landed yourself in a miserable motel with clogged toilet (like what happened to us in Yangon, Myanmar) because you were cutting your accommodation budget. You are risking to ruin your memorable trip!

Image from https://www.parkgrandlancastergate.co.uk
Trust us, go and splurge the cash within your allowed limit during travelling and enjoy the most out of few precious days in the trips. Anyhow, we always reduce our expenditure on trips by going after the cheap flight tickets. AirAsia in particularly has rendered us big help on this. We tend to book our trips months before the departure date and do a comparison across airlines, and AirAsia airline tickets are the most affordable, and sometimes the price is half of the what the other conventional airlines offering.

One useful platform to compare the flight tickets and hotels is Traveloka. It is a very useful as it shows all flight operating to our destination, and we can even see the facilities such as meal, baggage allowance or in-flight entertainment provided by each airlines. Everything is straight-forwarded in Traveloka with just a few clicks, and the flights options will be arranged from the cheapest to the most expensive for your review. You can start planning and book your next vacation by scouting for cheap flight now :) 

Besides, if you like us who has a specific preference for facility in the flight (we will suffer without entertainment in flight!), Traveloka offers a filter menu which you can tick the facility you wish and tweak the budget bar around to see which airlines best suit you. This very customized service made us enjoy using Traveloka even.

Oh well, another great feature by Traveloka is that it allows you to specifically search for cheap and promo flight by a particular airline, lets say AirAsia. The AirAsia Airline ticket page on Traveloka allows you to to dig some hidden gem of cheap flight. Shh.. that is our secret weapon on getting the cheap flights and managed to go to 4 countries in 2015, spanning across 26 days with by spending RM 4,400 only per pax.

Fret not if need any helps or run into any forms of problems (though very unlikely) after booked your trips as Traveloka offers 24 hours customer service which offers instant attentive service. Interestingly, the customer service allows you to pick your country language. 

Check out the promotion page on some interesting deals offered by Traveloka from time to time too. It can save up a lot of money from your budget and allow you spend the money better for a shopping or eating spree during travelling. Do not say we bojio this times, check out the deals here if the vacation sickness is back. 

Of course, you may book hotels and compare the price of different hotels using Traveloka too. I always use Traveloka when I need to travel outstation to Alor Setar and Kota Kinabalu. It saves me all the hassles of calling the hotels one by one. Besides, I really appreciate Traveloka shows nett price instead of price before tax. 

Well, check out for some pictures of our trip to Western Australia after managing to get a return flight from Kuala Lumpur to Perth for less than RM 1,000 for 2 pax in 2016. The budget we managed to save all goes into food :)

Random shot at Vasse, Western Australia

Amaze'n, Western Australia

Part of our budget saved goes to seafood platter at Cicerello's Seafood Restaurant, yum yum! 
Big Breakfast for AUD 20. Expensive but delicious. Such a wondrous start for the first day in Western Australia
Are you ready for some extreme activities at Lancelin, Western Australia?

Have you plan your next vacation trip yet? If not, better start now. You only live once and live it to the fullest! 

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