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The Daily Dose Cafe @ Stewart Lane, Georgetown, Penang

Located at the quaint and serene Stewart Lane in Georgetown, Daily Dose is a cafe with its charm. Housed in a heritage building, it offers a cozy environment to sit down and unwind yourself after a hectic day of running here there in Georgetown. Most patrons come here for breakfast or conventional western dishes, but the cafe did offer a twist of taste to cafe hoppers by featuring  Sarawak Kolo Mee (East Malaysia signature cuisine), Genius in the bowl (Scallion Noodles) and Gyoza on the menu. 

Daily Dose Georgetown Stewart Lane
What we enjoyed the most is the courtyard settings of the cafe. Although it might get stuffy in a sunny day but the air circulation is good, thanks to part of the building has hypaethral design. 

Daily Dose Georgetown Stewart Lane
Sarawak Kolomee (RM 12)

Daily Dose Georgetown Stewart Lane
Genius in the bowl (RM 8)
We were introduced to the Sarawak Specialty in the Cafe, namely Kolo Mee and another Taiwanese specialty - Genius in the Bowl (Scallion Noodles). While the Kolo Mee uses authentic kolo noodles and served along with minced meat and pork slices, the taste was average, lacking the aromatic profile derived from the lard oil which is the key success of a bowl of kolo mee. We have tasted quite a number of Sarawak's kolo mee and this is still far from achieving the taste impression of authentic kolo mee. Perhaps to secure the ingredients from Sarawak is a major obstacles, rendering the taste differences.

Another specialty Genius in the Bowl (Scallion Noodles) was average. It came with noodles cooked with scallion with a nice smell of it but the overall texture was way too dried and clumped in a lump, perhaps lacking of butter as separation process. RM 8 for a bowl of noodle without any toppings are too steep, in our humble opinion. 

The Gyoza (not available in single picture) is packed with rich fillings encapsulated in the fine gyoza skin. The taste of the filling is average but we felt it was slightly underseasoned, even the sauce could not salvage it. Therefore we lack the motivation to pursue more of it.
Daily Dose Georgetown Stewart Lane
Dirty Chai (RM 14)

Daily Dose Georgetown Stewart Lane
DD Special - Condensed Milk Arabica Coffee (RM 14)
Dirty Chai has a nice mixture of espresso and masala chai but the taste was overshadowed by the pungent cinnamon. Meanwhile, DD special which is a condensed milk Arabica Coffee was average. 

Daily Dose Georgetown Stewart Lane

Daily Dose Georgetown Stewart Lane

Daily Dose Georgetown Stewart Lane

Daily Dose Cafe
36, Stewart Ln, Georgetown, 10200 George Town, Penang, George Town, Malaysia
+60 4-251 9168
Operation hours: 9 am - 6.00 pm (Closed on Tuesday)
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