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Soul Cafe November 2017 New Menu

Renowned for serving one of the best pasta in the town, the cozy photography themed Soul Cafe has introduced a series of mouthwatering dishes into their new menu while retaining some of its best sellers still. The new dishes still maintained its core Italian traits but has been tweaked using Asian elements, and had healthy eating concept serenely infused for a truly body soothing effect.

Soul Cafe November New Menu
KFC-Kimchi Fried Chicken

Soul Cafe November New Menu
Kimchi Pork Pasta

Soul Cafe November New Menu
Gochujang Burger

Korean Inspired Dishes

As Kimchi is one of the staple in Korean cuisine, the crew in Soul cafe has taken extra efforts to ferment their very own kimchi, then infused it into their Kimchi Pork Pasta and KFC-Kimchi Fried Chicken. Needless to say, al-dente spaghetti noodles were an assurance given the reputation of Soul Cafe, then  the Kimchi spaghetti was served along with kimchi and poached pork belly. As this is Korean inspired pasta, the spaghetti noodles were served cold mimicking Korean cold buckwheat noodles, yielding a pleasant cooling sensation amid the tropical weather. The sealed and poached pork belly then supplies the essence to the pasta, rendering a pleasant and unique fat taste.

The KFC utilized two pieces of well bread crumbed fried chickens sandwiching the kimchi, giving a balance between savoury and sour taste. For a real burger treat, pick the Gojuchang burger that had the whole chicken meat dressed by Gochujang sauce sandwiched by English muffin bread. 

The Mind-Blowing Western Delights

Soul Cafe November New Menu
Sea Bass Cold Pasta

Soul Cafe November New Menu
Orange Marmalade Chicken

Soul Cafe November New Menu
Pistachio Crusted Lamb Rack

Western cuisines connoisseurs can be expected to have your palate treated well. The first heavyweight that rings the bell would be caviar, served in Sea Bass Cold Pasta. In fact, it is a fish based spaghetti, served with bonito flakes seasoned spaghetti noodles topped by 3 spoon of caviar, along with a piece of sea bass fish which yields a refreshing feeling. It is best eaten along with the orange colored carrot puree.

If fish ain't your cup of tea, check out the Orange Marmalade Chicken that comes with a piece of well grilled and juicy meat, garnished with spiced watermelons and herb orange. Mix all the elements on the plate together for an unique taste.

For those whom has the budget to splurge, the Pistachio Crusted Lamb Rack. The lamb was prepared medium rare coated with Pistachio almond. When you blend the acar and mashed potatoes with the lamb rack, it gives a taste elevation to the precious protein.

Natural Colourful Pasta

Soul Cafe November New Menu

Soul Cafe November New Menu
Green Pasta

Soul Cafe November New Menu
Orange Pasta
The core of Soul Cafe dishes is still their evergreen pasta but it has taken a revolution step. The pasta noodles are now cooked with natural ingredients, yielding orange, green and yellow pasta tossed in with orange segment skin and segment, pea sprout and pumpkin sauce respectively.

Orange Pasta features a classic colour but the ingredients were peculiar. The pasta was tossed in dashi broth, white wine, butter, saffron, garlic, chili flakes, orange skin, orange segment, cherry tomato, fresh clams, English parsley and grana padano, giving a fruity sensation amid the bed of clams packed with lungfuls of pleasant sea air with a touch of wine. On the other hand, get earthy with the Green Pasta that packs a punch of leafy scent.

Soup and Dessert

Soul Cafe November New Menu
Leek Soup

Soul Cafe November New Menu
Pina Colada Crème brûlée

Soul Cafe November New Menu

A proper dining session will be incomplete without soup and end with appetizer. Start light with the Leek Soup and treat yourself with a sweet end with the Pina Colada Crème brûlée. The Crème brûlée was made intricately, where you can distinguish the 3 different texture within, start with the top hard caramelized layer, followed by the dense butter and supported by the fluffy custard with coconut scent. 

Soul Cafe
12, Jalan Kek Chuan, 10400 George Town, Malaysia
+604-226 8200
Operation hours: 11 am - 10.30 pm (Closed on Sunday)

*This article is published in Penang Food & Travel magazine.

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