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Li Garden Restaurant 利苑饭店 @ Ipoh, Perak

As we hail from the predominantly Hokkien influenced Penang, we are excited when there is a random trip to Ipoh to try the Cantonese inspired stir fried dishes here. Out of the many restaurants or hawkers in Ipoh, we arrived at Li Garden Restaurant at Taman Pasir Pinji due to its close proximity to the North-South Expressway exit. This restaurant surprisingly only operate during dinner time only.

Li Garden Restaurant Ipoh

Li Garden Restaurant Ipoh

Due to unfamiliarity, we asked the lady boss for some recommendations of their outstanding dishes. Of course then, considering there are so many delicacies in Ipoh, every trips must be fully utilized to pamper our appetite well.

Nevertheless, we got a recommendation that left us perplexed - Tilapia fish, or more precisely, Claypot Tilapia Fish (RM 32.00). Seriously, Tilapia fish? It has very mild or almost vanished fish taste, or sometimes it tastes very muddy if processed not well. Yet, an experience cook can churn out this affordable protein to a wondrous dish. Let's see..

It turned out the claypot tilapia fish is a masterpiece of art. It has a sweet flesh, and eating it along with the soy sauce gives it a nice taste. According to the lady boss, the fish was steamed first, then braised for some time prior serving. Probably the skillful chef has managed to turn this protein into a wonderful dish. 

Li Garden Restaurant Ipoh

Another Cantonese inspired dish - Salted Fish Pork Belly (RM 18.00) was less impressive if compared to the Claypot Tilapia fish relatively. Although the pork has a nice and tender texture, it was over seasoned, causing it to be too salty. Therefore, we have to enjoy this delicacy by having it with a lot, a lot of white rice to reduce the saltiness. 

Li Garden Restaurant Ipoh

Li Garden Restaurant Ipoh

Both Signature Beancurd (RM 12.00) and Bitter Melon Soup (RM 10.00) are delicious. The beancurd is silky soft and topped with scrumptious squid. Then the bitter melon soup is warm and nice. Although we were expecting some form of bitterness in the soup but it was almost vanished and concealed by the sweetness of the soup. 

Overall, we were delighted with the dinner here. As soon as we sat down at 5:30pm at the restaurant, patrons gradually came either for dining and take away. Judging from that, Li Garden Restaurant should be a popular restaurant among the locals.

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Li Garden Restaurant Ipoh

Li Garden Restaurant
57, Laluan Pinji Seni 4, Taman Pinji Seni, 31650, Ipoh, Perak, 30250, Malaysia
Operation hours: 6pm - 12 am (Daily)
+6012-500 2135

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