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Koek Kee Dim Sum 国记茶楼点心 @ Sungai Petani, Kedah

Most Chinese Sungai Petani senior folks would have a fond memory of Koek Kee Dim Sum 国记茶楼点心 at Taman Pekan Baru. This eatery has been established more than 20 years and it get bustled even in the wee hours of the morning (5am) right after the gate open! Traditional Cantonese teahouse concept is still being practiced, whereby servers carrying the steam-heated trays within the narrow alley in the restaurants for diners to choose their delicacies for the day. 

Koek Kee Dim Sum 国记茶楼点心 Sungai Petani

Koek Kee Dim Sum occupies a pre-colonial shoplot with limited tables, thus the place is ever fully occupied especially during weekend. Lucky for us, we were able to locate a table during our visit.

The dim sum restaurants offers the usual dim sum choices that we regularly encounter such as siu mai, har gao, char siew pau, fish balls, pork ribs and etc. Everything is served hot from the steamer in front of the shop. 
Koek Kee Dim Sum 国记茶楼点心 Sungai Petani

Koek Kee Dim Sum 国记茶楼点心 Sungai Petani
Yam puff

Koek Kee Dim Sum 国记茶楼点心 Sungai Petani
Char Siew Pau

Koek Kee Dim Sum 国记茶楼点心 Sungai Petani
Siew Mai

Koek Kee Dim Sum 国记茶楼点心 Sungai Petani
Har gow

Koek Kee Dim Sum 国记茶楼点心 Sungai Petani
Loh Mai Kai
Even though we have limited stomach capacity for 2 only, we demonstrated edacious capability by ordering an enormous quantity of food. Of the various dim sum choices we had, we were particularly impressed with the yam puff, otak-otak and char siew pau.

The yam puff is packed with aromatic yum filling, coating the oral cavity with natural sweetness from the yam. Meanwhile, the otak-otak also enjoyable with a slight charred scent along with the fresh fish taste.

Koek Kee Dim Sum 国记茶楼点心 Sungai Petani

We observed majority of the patrons had a plate of noodles on their tables here, so we thought the noodles are good in terms of taste here but the reality was otherwise. The plate of Hokkien Char (RM 6) we had literally had no taste and dry in the overall texture. Not impressive at all.

The total bill come to RM 23.20 (with everything we ate depicted on the pictures above, including a pot of tea), which is affordable in our opinion. Interestingly, the workers were too efficient to keep the plates immediately after we finished eating and the boss were having difficulty to calculate the total price. Lucky for them, we snapped the pictures of all the food and showed one by one to her. 

Koek Kee Dim Sum 国记茶楼点心 Sungai Petani

Restoran Koek Kee
11, Jalan Dewa, Taman Pekan Baru, 08000 Sungai Petani, Kedah, Malaysia
Operation hours: 5 am - 12 pm ( Closed on Tuesday)

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