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Chinese Sausage rice at Sin Yik Wah Restaurant 传统自家制烧肠新益华餐厅 @ Sungai Petani, Kedah

Head to Sungai Petani town and you will see this corner restaurant named Sin Yik Wah is ever crowded during lunch hour. It is a Chinese restaurant serving zhu char, and one of the must order would be their marinated Chinese sausages (lap cheong), justified by the long queue for takeaway at the entrance. However, you need to be early to enjoy such delicacies as it might sold out as early as 1pm! 

Sin Yik Wah Restaurant 传统自家制烧肠新益华餐厅

A traditional approach is still being practiced here, whereby the steamed rice are served in aluminium tin bowls. If you order Chinese sausages, the chef will top up the meat on top of the rice.

I was told by the senior server they only serve lap cheong but surprisingly the portion comes with roasted pork as well. We truly enjoyed the choices of meat. The lap cheong was nicely marinated, possessing a tender texture while the roasted pork was soft.

Sin Yik Wah Restaurant 传统自家制烧肠新益华餐厅

The rice also possess an elusive taste which nowadays lacking in the regular rice serving, perhaps due to they steam the rice in aluminium tin bowls instead of cooking in large quantity. The chef then drizzle some unique sauce into the rice, giving it an aromatic and peculiar taste. 

It is noteworthy the servers here are exceptionally friendly. Even though the restaurant was packed with crowd, and two of us just order a plate of chinese sausage rice which merely cost RM 4.00, they never rush us to empty the tables. In fact, they even joked to us "treat you the warm water for today" as we did not feel like enjoying any sweet drinks for that afternoon.

Thus, come over to Sin Yik Wah Restaurant to enjoy a traditional yet delicate Chinese style zhu char. 

Sin Yik Wah Restaurant 传统自家制烧肠新益华餐厅

Sin Yik Wah Restaurant 传统自家制烧肠新益华餐厅

Sin Yik Wah Restaurant 传统自家制烧肠新益华餐厅

Sin Yik Wah Restaurant
 08000, 35-40, Jalan Dewa, Taman Pekan Baru, 08000 Sungai Petani, Kedah, Malaysia
Operation hours: 8 am - 3 pm (Closed on Tuesday)
(Chinese sausage & roasted pork usually finished at 1 pm)

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