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Midnight Economy Rice and Koay Teow Theng @ Kedai Kopi Lum Kah, Jelutong

Jelutong Market always have been bustling in the morning due to the morning market but we did not understand why the intersection between Jalan Jelutong and Jelutong market gets crowded in the midnight as well. As curiosity pumps in, we dropped by there on a Friday's night. Unsure whether to say it is an odd condition or not, cars numbers were still immense at 1am, stretching to the front of Maybank Jelutong. All these people were assembling at Kedai Kopi Lum Kah, and seemingly enjoying some wonderful supper. 

Supper in Penang Jelutong Economy Rice

Supper in Penang Jelutong Economy Rice

It turned out this place definitely not meant for person who enjoys healthy diet. We were surprised an enormous of people were enjoying Chinese style economy rice here. Okay, we have seen people craving for roti canai, nasi kandar (probably due to the irresistible aromatic curries), maggi goreng, chicken wings in the midnight but seriously, economy rice? There ought to be a valid reason justifying the vast crowd here. 

We were not really keen on having economy rice at night seriously. However for sampling purposes, we took some rice and drenched it with the curry, sweet potatoes leaves and a fried chicken, which comes to a bill of RM 5.80. It ain't that expensive as we thought it would be, considered everything selling in the midnight tend to be pricey. Mind you, the fried chicken sells like craze when at the moment it was put in the tray. We have to waited for about 10 minutes for it.

Now the clarity has surfaced and we understood why people flocked here for the economy rice. The fried chicken was awesome, nicely marinated then fried to perfection and possess tender meat. Though the curries were watery but it imparted a nice sweet sensation to the dish. Most importantly, comparing to other food stalls operating at midnight, this economy rice is relatively cheaper. 

Supper in Penang Jelutong Economy Rice

We also sampled the Koay Teow Theng here. At RM 6, it only comes with a handful of koay teow and a lot of fishballs (more than 10 perhaps). The soup was practically peppery and not for our liking.

Kedai Kopi Lum Kah
595, Jalan Jelutong, 11600, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia 
Operation hours: 10:30pm - 3:30am (Closed on Saturday)

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