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Apong Guan @ Burmah Road, Penang

Apong Guan has a history of close or even more than 50 years for flipping out one of the best Apong (Chinese pancakes) in the town. He is well known for his fluffy and tasty Apong, and his unpredictable temperament as well. 

Apong Guan Penang Burmah Road

Apong Guan

Patient is a must to try out this revered Apong. Expect an average of more than 30 minutes waiting time. Just join the queue silently and do not rush Uncle Guan for your order, as he is well aware of your presence and sequence. When it comes to your turn, he will ask for the quantity you want to order.  Regardless the number of crowd, Uncle Guan will remain calm and take his own time to craft his confectionery. 

Other than that, do not make any funny request to Uncle Guan as he obviously do not enjoy entertaining it. There is only one kind of Apong being served here, which comes with a better of flour enclosing thin slices of banana and sweet corns.

Apong Guan

Apong Guan

Each piece of Apong cost RM 0.50 as of 2017 and usually he sells in a bundle of 5. There are a few instances that some patrons order till 100 pieces. Looks like it going to be an Apong party huh.

Apong Guan

Apong Guan
144-E, Jalan Burma, 10400 Georgetown, Penang
Operation hours: 11:00pm - 8:00pm Daily (Closed on Sunday)

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