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Ice Drip Coffee - The Wine among Coffee @ Mellowcup, Pulau Tikus, Penang

Iced coffee tend to have an edge in Malaysia market thanks to the all year summer weather, but have you tried Ice Drip Coffee?

Ice Drip Coffee @ Mellowcup, Pulau Tikus, Penang

Ice Drip coffee is brewed utilizing the ice coffee dripper tower, which ice cold filtered water is dripped over the lightly roasted grounded coffee for a period of 10 hours, yielding a cup of concentrated coffee elixir with a nice rounded yet complex body taste, emitting all kinds of fruit flavors with a chocolaty aftertaste. Upon brewing, the coffee will be refrigerated for few hours for fermentation to enhance its taste.

Mellowcup Coffee at Jalan Gottlieb serves the interesting Ice Drip Coffee, brewed using the exclusive coffee blend - Blooms, the innovation by famous TVB Actor Moses Chan. Due to this exquisite coffee requires long hour of extraction, therefore only a limited 14 bottles of ice drip coffee available for sale everyday. Having said that, be fast to grab them at Mellowcup Coffee before they are grabbed off from the shelf!

We managed to catch up with Miss Hui Chuen, the barista cum owner of Mellowcup Coffee. She labelled Ice Drip coffee as "the wine without alcohol", due to the vigorous production procedures and the taste profiling of the coffee. Moreover, you may keep the bottle of Ice Drip coffee in the refrigerator to let the taste grows as long as you wanted for future relishing. One will be able to enjoy the coffee in its purest and fullest form in a cup of Ice Drip Coffee.

Interestingly, a cup of Ice Drip Coffee can be relished its potential in 5 different manners of drinking:
1) Drink the shaken version (served in the cup) - a more mellow taste
2) Drink the unshaken version (pour from the bottle)
3) Mix with syrup
4) Mix with milk
5) Mix with both syrup and milk

Are you intrigued to savour the Ice Drip coffee now?

Ice Drip Coffee @ Mellowcup, Pulau Tikus, Penang

Ice Drip Coffee @ Mellowcup, Pulau Tikus, Penang

Ice Drip Coffee @ Mellowcup, Pulau Tikus, Penang

Ice Drip Coffee @ Mellowcup, Pulau Tikus, Penang

Mellowcup Coffee
11-G-4, New Bob Center, Jalan Gottlieb, Pulau Tikus, 10350, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
012-937 3213
Operation hours: 12 pm - 11 pm (Fri & Sat till 12am; Sunday till 10pm only; closed on Monday)

*This article is published in Penang Food & Travel magazine.

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