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Nasi Kandar Kampung Melayu & Malay Food @ 3288 Coffee Shop, Farlim

 It is hearsay that Nasi Kandar Kampung Melayu deliciousness is on par with any famous Nasi Kandar in Penang, such as Beratur or Line Clear, but it is located at a rather hidden location. They are operating at two branches - Kampung Melayu low cost flat and 3288 Coffee shop at Farlim. For us who are not familiar with Kampung Melayu and Farlim, it took us close to an hour to locate the eatery. Thankfully, we were rewarded with a plate of toothsome nasi kandar.

Nasi Kandar Kampung Melayu

We were there late and most of the dishes were finishing. We had some squids and a piece of fried chicken, which cost us RM 9. The price was predictable as most nasi kandar did not come cheap, but it was within the acceptable range for a nasi kandar pricing. Thumbs up to the fried chicken for exhibiting tender meat and crisp skin, yet feeling not greasy at all.

Nasi Kandar Kampung Melayu

In fact, the key of this scrumptious nasi kandar was the gravies. We can feel the presence of strong spices and a mild level of burning sensation. Always request a mixture of gravies to give you the elusive pleasant taste.

It was reported that the fame of Nasi Kandar Kampung Melayu's fame has even reached the attention of Sultan of Kedah and the Prime Minister of Malaysia - Datuk Seri Najib Razak. There ought to be a solid reason for such a high ranked individual in the country to fall in love with a commoner food,

Do check out the neighboring Malay stall. They serve pretty decent fried rice with affordable price. That plate of tomyam fried rice just cost us RM 4 with great tomyam and tomato taste!

Nasi Kandar Kampung Melayu

Nasi Kandar Kampung Melayu
3288 Coffee Shop, Lintasan Kampung Melayu 2, 11500, Pulau Pinang
Operation hours: 4pm - 11pm (Closed on Monday)

Tel: 012-4683081 (Abdul Latiff) 
Location maps here

Main shop at Kampung Melayu low cost flat (6am - 11am, opens daily)
Tel: 016-4726047 (Nazir) / 012-5839771 (Zainam)

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