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有間麵館 GO Noodle House @ Gurney Plaza, Penang

After establishing several outlets in Klang Valley and created a whirlwind there, 有間麵館 GO Noodle House has stepped into Penang market, allowing Penangites to feast on a great bowl of noodles. The outlet is located at Penang Gurney Plaza, just beside GSC Cinema ticketing counter. We were there on its first day of opening, and have to compete with an exodus of people for a table.

有間麵館 GO Noodle House Gurney Plaza
Despite the flooding of patrons here to try their renowned Three Fresh Noodles (三鲜面), the attentive service and crowd managing were commendable. Queue were shown menu first, and the servers were helpful in explaining and suggesting choices when some were lacking of idea which to pick.

有間麵館 GO Noodle House Gurney Plaza

They are famous of their Three Fresh Noodles with Bursting Meat Ball (RM 10.40) so we decided to go for it. An excerpt from the menu stating that three fresh noodles originated from the Chinese Imperial cuisines, and were bequeathed to the generations in various villages upon falling of the Ching Dynasty. Thus, feel the pride for able to savour the imperial cuisine for just RM 10.40!

 It has a clear soup enriched with pleasant cooking wine taste, yet remained soothing to the throat. Coriander leaves were given on the spoon, thus it was entirely up to personal choice to add them to soup or not to further give it a herby sensation. 

The bursting meat balls ejects a sweet ending taste filling, but not to the extent bursting to the other people as claimed, luckily. The generosity of giving 5 bursting meat balls are great, as 2-3 balls definitely insufficient to end the craves. 

As we voraciously consuming the bowl of noodles, the wine taste gradually fade out. That is why they are offering a different service - buy a pot of Chinese wine and tune your degree of flavour!  3 years, 5 years and 10 years of Chinese wine are available for sales and you may store it in the restaurant, and use them upon your next visits! 

有間麵館 GO Noodle House Gurney Plaza

They have 2 options of noodles and soup. We opted for Mian Xian but were surprised by its type of noodles, as depicted in the picture above. On top of that, there are various add-ons available, ranging from homemade fish paste, Fuzhou fish balls, pork balls, beef balls and etc.

有間麵館 GO Noodle House Gurney Plaza

有間麵館 GO Noodle House Gurney Plaza

Since we had a soup dish, the other we went for Trio Special Spicy Dark Sauce Pan Mee (鲜油辣干捞板面, RM 10.00). There was an option to go for the spicy or original version, with a price difference of RM 0.50. 

It was unique to see the pan mee was served on a plate resembles a cat's paw, with a bowl of soup, fried shallots, anchovies and minced pork. The dark sauce used here is totally different from conventional ones being used by other stalls, and it imparted a very strong yet non-salty taste, resulted a very toothsome plate of meal. At the meantime, the hot spicy taste kept kicking in. If you are keen to challenge the spiciness, add a few pieces chili to induce further burning sensation.

有間麵館 GO Noodle House Gurney Plaza

We added homemade fish paste (RM3.00) to the pan mee. It comes in big pieces and tasted mediocre. 

有間麵館 GO Noodle House Gurney Plaza

This is the unique service rendered by the restaurant which we mentioned - buy a pot of Chinese wine, use it to fine tune the soup taste, and keep the balance here. After all, who can finish a pot of Chinese wine within a visit?

有間麵館 GO Noodle House Gurney Plaza

GO Noodle House 
170-07-02/03, Gurney Plaza, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang, Malaysia

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