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Alor Setar RM 3 Fried Yin Yong

Today we are going to introduce this Fried Yin Yong at Alor Setar. Fried Yin Yong is actually a mixture of thin vermicelli and broad noodles, and egg is optional. Depending on the chef's preference, sometimes varieties of pork innards, char siew or fish balls may be added. A plate of nicely fried Yin Yong usually have a substantial amount of wok hei

Generally, a plate of Yin Yong cost about RM 4 to RM 8 in major town in Malaysia but the Fried Yin Yong we introduce today only cost RM 3. On top of that, it comes with 2 pieces of mantis prawns and some meat as well. What a bargain! 

People will start to surround this mobile stall located at Jalan Putra, directly opposite of Nasi Lemak Ong in the late evening, and a few tables are setup by the alley to cater for diners. Patient is required as I waited for more than 30 minutes for a plate of Fried Ying Yong though there were not many people there. With my growling stomach, I simply hit the shutter button of my camera and proceed to scoop the food into my mouth voraciously.

The plate of fried Yin Yong comes with solid wok hei, with the vermicelli and broad noodles cooked to soft. Though I prefer the version with egg added but the taste is suffice to give a kick. Though the portion is relatively small but it is well justified with RM 3, moreover there are 2 pieces of mantis prawn.

Alor Setar RM 3 Fried Yin Yong
Jalan Putra, 05100, Alor Setar. Kedah.
Operation hours: 7 - 10pm (Close on uncertain days)

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