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Jitra Chicken Rice Comparison

I have always struggled for food choices whenever I come to Jitra, a town not far from the Malaysia-Thailand border. Do not get me wrong, Jitra is blessed with abundance of nice food, especially Thailand or local Malay cuisine but it is not easy for a lone traveler to dine in at those settings.

Nonetheless, after several attempts of driving randomly at the town and getting some advice from the locals,  I manage to locate two chicken rice stalls that fit my appetite. Although not the greatest chicken rice and the fusillade of chicken rice intake within days, I feel happy though.

The short stint of 2 days in Jitra allowed me to sample 2 different chicken rice here.

Jitra Chicken Rice
Jitra Chicken Rice

The chicken rice at Kedai Kopi Tiong Huat (behind Secret Recipe Jitra) is decent choice for lunch. A plate with almost half of them filled with chicken and roasted pork, with a handful of bean sprouts costed RM 6.30, which I deem pretty reasonable. This plate of mouth-watering chicken rice is skewed to traditional approach, with the flavor is heightened by dousing of soy sauce. 

If you are a health conscious individual, you might consider put off the thought for a while. The roasted pork crisp skin is totally irresistible, producing crackling sound when it is sandwiched by the forces asserted by your molars. I was concerned that the guys sitting next to my table would have heard of the crackling sound!

Jitra Chicken Rice

Kedai Kopi Teong Huat Ho Chicken Rice
Bandar Darul Aman Jitra, 06000, Jitra, Kedah.
Tel: 016-4607489
Operation hours: 11am - 1pm+ (Closed on alternate Tuesday)

Location map refers here.

Jitra Chicken Rice

The next chicken rice stall has been bestowed a rather heavy weight name - Chicken King's Chicken Rice. Nested within a housing area at Jitra, it will take some efforts to locate them if you are non locals (please refer to the google map)

Jitra Chicken Rice

Well then, I was taken aback when served with the chicken rice. I thought Chicken King's chicken rice would have come in a decent portion but to my dismay there were only a handful of roasted chicken slices. Perhaps chicken king is too scarce so the portion must be small?

Putting the serving portion factor aside, the chicken rice was not bad though. The sticky starchy gravy, probably a mixture of soy sauce and oyster sauce gave a boost to the flavour, and the rice was decent enough to be eaten by mixing with the sauce solely.

Jitra Chicken Rice

Jitra Chicken Rice

If you have any suggestion at nice chicken rice in Jitra / Changlun, please do recommend me!

Chicken King Chicken Rice
234, Taman Rasa Sayang, 06000, Jitra, Kedah
Tel: 04-9170086; 012-4789916
Operation hours: 7:30am - 5:00pm (Chicken rice starts selling at 10:30am, noodles are sold in the morning)

Location map refers here.

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