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Taiwan High Speed Rail (HSR) Discount 25% for Tourist | 台湾高铁25%折扣优惠票攻略

Still paying a hefty sum for High Speed Rail (HSR) during travelling in Taiwan or getting frustrated by tying the schedule just to enjoy the HSR early bird discount?

Indeed, taking a HSR ride is not cheap. For example, a HSR ride from Taichung to Taipei will cost about 700 NTD, while taking a bus might just cost 260 NTD, such a huge difference! Though the price difference might turn you off from taking HSR, however HSR did help to save up the precious time during travelling in western coast of Taiwan.

Fret not, nowadays there is a way to enjoy a 25% discount for HSR ticket for travelers in Taiwan. Thanks to the offer by KKday, an E-commerce platform.

Follow these few steps to get 25% off for Taiwan HSR tickets!





1) Go to KKday website and choose your departure station. After that, choose your travelling date, destination, number of tickets and click "book now".

登陆KKday 网站,然后选择您心目的出发地点。然后选择你的出发日期,目的地和票数,接下来按“book now".

2) Enter your contact details and travelers details. Important, both emails and travelers details must be be entered correctly because the booking tickets will be sent to your email while travelers details will be checked to match with passport details for issuance of HSR tickets. 


3) Proceed with payment via credit card and you will receive a confirmation email like below upon payment. You still need the E-voucher which will be emailed later to exchange for HSR tickets.

填好资料后可用信用卡来缴付高铁票费用。 过了不久,您的E-Mail将会收到一封电邮,确认了您的预购。但切记这个电邮还不是高铁票凭证哦!

4) E-voucher will be emailed on a separate email with 1 hour after booking (9:30 - 18:30). For my case, I booked at 11pm (Friday) and received the E-voucher on the next day morning.

收到确认电邮后,大概一小时后(在9:30 - 18:30里订购)您便会收到您的高铁票凭证。例如:我是在星期五晚上11点订购的,在隔天早上便收到高铁票凭证啦!

5) Collect HSR ticket with your designated train schedule at HSR counter. Go to Periodic Ticket / Multi Ride Ticket counter instead of tickets selling counter.


6) Present your HSR tickets with passport to the staff at boarding gate. and make sure you are at the the right platform. When exit, use the manual gate and present the ticket to the staff in-charge as well.


Credit: Picture taken from KKday website.

  • The voucher is valid within 90 days after issuance.
  • In case the schedule changes or activities are cancelled due to traffic, weather or other unforeseen major events, KKday will not be held liable.
  • 10% of boarding fees are applicable for any changes of information.
  • Only valid for foreigners, personnel with Taiwanese passports are not eligible for the offers.
  • 高铁凭证有效期为购买后三个月内。
  • KKday公司并不会对任何高铁班次的更改和取消负责任。
  • 若要更改任何资料将会收取10%的手续费。
  • 此优惠票提供给外籍人士。
Thus, what are you waiting for now? Buy the HSR tickets if you are going to Taiwan anytime soon!


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