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Irresistible Burger with melted cheese and impactful sauce @ Relau, Penang

The Malaysian eating habits demonstrated an unique culture whereby supper is a popular choices despite of age differences. I personally demonstrated a profound inclination toward either Ramly's burgers or maggi goreng as my choice for supper, considering the ease of accessing to their outlets. Nonetheless, my preferred choice of burger still goes to Pos Burger until recently I encountered another burger outlet in Relau, nearby Shell and Petronas petrol station.

 Looking rather small-scale, this modest burger stall racked up dozens of customers at night and that is how we noticed it. 

They offer a variety of burger patties - ranging from the conventional chicken, beef, lamb, fish to the exotic version such as rabbits and ostrich. We settled for a burger ayam special (RM5.30) with melted cheese and egg enclosing the patty, and we really enjoyed having it.

That sounds like an ordinary burger right? The impactful factor for this burger is the sauce actually, with a load of mayonnaise and chilli sauce, it leaves a nice pleasant taste lingering and engulfing the tongue. The chef is ever generous with cabbages as well as burger patty was bed on a great deal of cabbage layers. If we were to ask the chef to reduce his generosity, it would be the quantity of onions as it caused us had some flatulence after taking the burger.

Burger Ikan Special
Burger Kambing Special
We prefer their burger ikan special (RM 6.50) as the fish patty is dense and had a distinctive delicious taste as well. Burger kambing special (RM 6.80) also tasted great, and the gamey lamb aroma is totally absent as well.

Look at the amount of sauce and the outflow of the melted cheese, how would someone not seduced by it? 

We were really hungry one night so we went for monster burger special (RM 9.90), which means double patty! The burger really filled up my stomach fully, and we recommend 2 person sharing it to reduce carbohydrate overloading. Nevertheless, we find it just mediocre though as double patties actually reduced the flow of sauce in between the patties, making the burger tasted dry and meaty. 

The burger stall is located at the right and corner of the above image. We had to take the picture from Google Image as we forgot to snap the pictures and went directly to home after getting the burger. Blame the irresistible burger aroma which drained our brain cells and only stimulated the olfactory! 

Warung Burger Relau
Jalan Paya Terubong, Relau, Penang
Operation hours: 5pm - 1am (opens till 2am on Saturday). Closed on Monday

Location map refers here.

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