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Restaurant Sin Piao Xiang 新飘香 @ Sungai Petani

Folks in Sungai Petani would be familiar with Restaurant Sin Piao Xiang at Amanjaya town, as it had host numerous wedding dinners for them, and still retained the fame as one of the best restaurant in the town. Not only does the restaurant serves good food but the price is really affordable too. 

Restaurant Sin Piao Xiang 新飘香 Sungai Petani
The speciality dish here would be Laksa Fish. A fish of our choice, either red snapper or seabass is cooked with asam laksa gravy and typical asam laksa noodles. This dish is unique in a sense that it totally reverse the traditional, which asam laksa is the main course while slices of fishes are found in the gravy as an enhancer. Interestingly this dish come inexpensive at only a cost of RM32!

Next time if you come to Northern states in Malaysia, tell your friend that you are going to try Laksa Fish instead of Asam Laksa! It is like killing two birds with two birds, ie enjoying two nice dishes in a go.

Restaurant Sin Piao Xiang 新飘香 Sungai Petani

Next come would be an adaptation from the popular Jiangnan dish - Bai Hua Chicken (百花鸡). Instead of using shrimp embedded between the crispy chicken skin, the chef uses pork meat instead. Thus, the crisp outer layer is well balanced off with the tender pork meat within. The dish also come in a surprising price tag of RM 16 only!

Restaurant Sin Piao Xiang 新飘香 Sungai Petani

3 pieces of Kam Heong Crabs (RM22) made us in bitter sweet smile. Though we enjoyed the finger licking good kam heong but the crab size was tiny. Perhaps it was the off peak session for crabs with all senior crabs hiding beneath the mud.

Restaurant Sin Piao Xiang 新飘香 Sungai Petani

Then it comes another dish which really surprised our papillae - 3 flavours tofu (RM 9). Not only it comes with a really affordable price tag, the tofu was really smooth and the 3 flavour sauce has made the regular tofu tasted extraordinary. Topping the tofu with dried shrimp is a brilliant idea as it gives a sense of chewiness while the tofu is soft to the extent that it will melt within the oral cavity.

Restaurant Sin Piao Xiang 新飘香 Sungai Petani

A plate of stir fried Kailan (RM (9) to balance all the guilt from the carnivorous dishes. 

Restaurant Sin Piao Xiang 新飘香 Sungai Petani

We had a wonderful dinner here without bleeding our wallet as there was some changes left after handing the RM100 notes. Strongly recommended this place for dinner if you happen to be in Sungai Petani for some occasions.

Restoran Piao Xiang
No. 20, 21, 22 (Ground Floor), Jalan Melati 1, Bandar Amanjaya, 08000, Sungai Petani, Kedah
Operation hours: 11:30am - 2:30pm / 6:00pm - 12:00pm
Tel: 04-442 6219 / 019-448 6219 

Location map refers here.

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