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以前槟城头条路巷子的花生仁汤搬去二条路啦! The peanut soup at Magazine Road Alley has moved to Lebuh Noordin!

Behind every development there ought to be a great price to be paid off. Whilst Georgetown Penang has been enjoying rapid development, the originality of the town has gradually lost amid the urbanization process. One great example is a small alley beside Kimnovak students clothing shop, branching from Jalan Magazine which had to give way to developments.

 The place was a great memory for many Penangites, and I still manage to recall vividly the curry noodles, chee cheong fun and peanut soup there. Some were lost after forcing to give way to the development, while some had move to nearby and operating in a new outlet. Fortunately, we managed to locate the peanut soup and economy noodles stall, which had moved to Lebuh Noordin.

Over here, with a RM10 red colour note then you will be able to enjoy a satisfactory lunch. The peanut soup is still good as previously, not to sweet and the peanuts are cushy. Meanwhile, the red bean soup is just mediocre. 

Nevertheless, a bowl of dessert in such a classic kitchenware is a great reminiscence of the older times, when I used to have this bowl for soup.

We quite enjoy the economy noodles topped with their chilli sauce. If plain economy noodles look dull, consider adding a piece of lobak. 

The yamcake could have been better if the sweet sauce had a better taste. Nevertheless the yam cake itself is packed with yam taste. 

Still a very traditional setup. It looks like a school canteen to us.

Jalan Magazine Peanut Soup
Lebuh Noordin, 10300, Georgetown, Penang
Operation hours: 11am - 5:00pm (Closed on certain Sundays)

Location map refers here.

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