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Maggi Goreng @ Mohamed Raffee Restaurant, Pulau Tikus

Passing through Jalan Burmah at Pulau Tikus late at night and the striking colour banner at Mohamed Raffee Restaurant definitely will grab your attention. That is a brilliant marketing strategy as it succeeded in getting me step into their restaurant, as my stomach happened to be growling too.

Having tried their Nasi Kandar and not really impressed about it, we decided to try their maggi goreng tonight.

Mohamed Raffee Restaurant, Pulau Tikus
Mohamed Raffee Restaurant, Pulau Tikus

Being an ardent fan of maggi noodles since I was young, I am slightly particularly when it comes to maggi goreng. I prefer the version with the springiness of the noodles retained and having a little scent of tomato fragrance. The maggi goreng (RM4.00) at Mohamed Raffee Restaurant suit my taste on this.

It was fried to slight sticky and the noodles were springy, while the orange colour of the noodles may derived from the tomato sauce being used to fry it. On top of that, adding an egg had increased the glueyness of the maggi noodles. Topped with beancurd and vegetables, it served as a nice meal for supper.

Mohamed Raffee Restaurant, Pulau Tikus

Mohamed Raffee Restaurant, Pulau Tikus

In fact, Mohamaed Raffee Restaurant is famous of its nasi kandar and lining of people can always be seen in different time. However it was just mediocre to us.

Mohamed Raffee Restaurant, Pulau Tikus

The dining area inside the restaurant could become humid at times. If it is night time and it is not raining, you can choose to dine in outside, which I prefer as it was much cooling, though you may have involuntarily added some fumes from passer-by cars to your dishes.

Mohamed Raffee Restaurant, Pulau Tikus

Restoran Mohamad Raffee Nasi Kandar
288-293, Jalan Burma, 10350, Penang
Operation Hours : 24 hours
Location map refersĀ here.

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