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[TAIPEI 台北] Day 2: House of Bun @ Da'an 包仔的店@ 大安

The second day in Taipei was meant for a full day trip to Beitou and Danshui via MRT Red line. Since we will be travelling on red line and we have long heard about the famous house of bun nearby Da'an station, coincidently on the red line. We decided to wake up in the wee hours in the morning, travelling here for a good breakfast.


Breakfast at Taipei  包仔的店 大安

Breakfast at Taipei  包仔的店 大安
Screenshoot on direction from Da An Station 贴心剪图:如何从大安站到包仔的店
Breakfast at Taipei  包仔的店 大安

Breakfast at Taipei  包仔的店 大安

The House of Bun was special in the sense that there were dazzling choices of various buns to the extent we do not know which to pick! All the buns were served piping hot as they were fresh and hand made on the spot.


Breakfast at Taipei  包仔的店 大安

Another important fact is that all the buns here were really affordable, averaging from 15 - 30 NTD. Apart from buns, dumplings were sold too.


Breakfast at Taipei  包仔的店 大安

It took us some time to figure out which to order, and we went for a yam paste bun (25 NTD), dried longan steamed bread (25 NTD), white cabbage bun (25 NTD) and a cup of brown rice drink (25 NTD).

几番纠结,我们选择了芋泥包 (25新台币),桂圆馒头(25新台币),高丽蔬菜包(25新台币),葱饼加蛋(25新台币)还有一杯温暖的糙米浆 (25新台币)。

Breakfast at Taipei  包仔的店 大安

While queuing, we saw the chef was busy frying something like a pancake and most of the patrons ordered it. Intrigued by it, we also followed the trend, haha! It was actually fried onion pancake with egg (35 NTD)


Breakfast at Taipei  包仔的店 大安

Fried onion pancake was fried till crispy and soused with a little chilli sauce. Eggs were blended into the pancake thus it had a nice omelette smell.


This was our first times trying white cabbage bun. It was unique in the sense that there were fried white cabbage, mushrooms and carrots as fillings. During biting the bun there was a vivid cracking sound of vegetables and this definitely worth the try.

Breakfast at Taipei  包仔的店 大安


Yam paste bun was different from the conventional purple coloured yam fillings bun we often encountered. It had natural yam colour and pleasant yam scent.


A very full and satisfactory breakfast we had for a total of just 160 NTD ! It is definitely coming back for a next trip here to try the assortment of bun here even though we had to eat by the roadside. After this, we were off to Beitou hotspring.


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