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Laksa Beras Kak Su @ Kuala Perlis

Formerly I was only aware of existence of 3 types of laksa - asam laksa, Siam laksa and Sarawak Laksa. It was indeed mind opening to me when I go to Kedah and Perlis, knowing each of the state has their own version of laksa as well. I had the privilege to drop by Kuala Perlis, a small port at Perlis which you could take ferry to Langkawi Island to try their renowned Laksa Beras Kak Su

A plate or normal laksa as shown in the picture above cost RM3.20 while laksa special (bigger portion) is RM 4.00. The secret of laksa beras Kak Su lies within their own made noodles, which were made from rice, which were kneaded by their own. Thus, the noodles was farinaceous and not silky smooth but it was a true enjoyment chewing the noodles. The noodles also possess an own elusive scent.

The soup was totally different from the laksa we had in Penang or Sarawak. It was thick and not spicy, and grainy texture was vividly tasted due to the fishes were grinded into small bits. As Kuala Perlis is a fish port, it is believed that the fishes being used here was on top fresh state. If you prefer a spicy or tangy sensation, feel free to add the chillies or lime provided. Perlis people do have an affection by putting soy sauce into the laksa for a tad of saltiness and umami taste.

I did not know how to really enjoy the soup in the beginning but after a few sips, I started to like the soup. It was distinctive and peculiar from the usual laksa that I had and tough for me to describe the taste.

Pulut udang
Pulut udang and spera (RM0.40 each) is being put on each table and you can take as much as you want to and the price is counted later. I was not aware that Perlis people tend to put pulut udang and spera into the laksa as a side dish. Now I only knew that by doing so, it will increase the thickness of the soup as well as increasing the taste of the pulut udang and spera.

You may wondering what is a spera? Spera is something similar to karipap but the fillings were made of shredded coconut with sambal. They tasted nice by eating them alone, at least for me! 

Pulut udang has a filling of mixture of small shrimps with shredded coconuts, wrapped with glutinous rice. It was a little spicy but most importantly it tasted and smell nice!

Direction: If you are in Kuala Perlis town, try to locate the Maybank. If you see you are reaching Maybank on your left, turn left before reaching Maybank and you shall see Kak Su Laksa directly at the end of the road. 

Kak Su Laksa Beras Asli & Segar
97, Jalan Siakap 1, 02000, Kuala Perlis, Perlis
Operation hours: 10:00am - 7:00pm (Closed on Tuesday)

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For odering, please call 012-5500365; 014-2483133; 019-5111464; 019-4667700

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