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Rojak Orang Hitam Putih, Laksa & Popiah 黑白人啰吔, 丽光薄饼 @ Kedai Makanan Heng Lee, Bukit Mertajam

Kedai Makanan Heng Lee, which is directly opposite Hung Cup Rice at Bukit Mertajam seems to be an attraction of crowd. With limited tables in this hawker stall, finding a table especially during prime hours - tea break time is an uphill task. Well, we have little idea on what are good here thus we gave everything here a try - Rojak Orang Hitam Putih  黑白人啰吔, laksa and popiah.

Rojak Orang Hitam Putih Bukit Mertajam 黑白人

Rojak Orang Hitam Putih

You can choose between the price range of RM3.00 to RM6.00 for Rojak Orang Hitam Putih  黑白人啰吔, and we had ordered the portion of RM3.00. Surprisingly, RM3.00 portion seems to be rather overwhelming even for just 2 of us. A whopping sticky and a tad spicy of shrimp paste is enshrouding all the ingredients, concealing the true colours of all ingredients. The chef is even generous by providing splashes of peanut powders on top of the ingredients, ensuring the scent of peanut is tasted on every bite of the rojak.

Personally for me the rojak will be too dried as you consume more of it, hence prepare to order a cup of drink or a bowl of laksa to provide an equilibrium to your oral environment.

Rojak Orang Hitam Putih  黑白人啰吔
Operation hours: 10:30am - 6:00pm (Closed on every 1st and 15th of Chinese Lunar Calendar; if the 1st and 15th of Chinese Lunar Calendar falls on a weekend then the stall will open)


Next up is Laksa (RM3.00), which has a very light taste of soup. To increase the taste, even Shirleen whom dislike shrimp paste has added a significant amount of it to the laksa. It gradually taste nice as we consume more of it.



丽光薄饼 (RM 1.60) is a popular choice of dish here as the chef seems never stop preparing the popiah. The dried popiah is fully stuffed ingredients, and the speciality would be the inclusion of egg.



丽光叻沙 &薄饼 @ Kedai Makanan Heng Lee
207, Jalan Teh Cheoik Sah, 14000, Bukit Mertajam, Penang
Operation hours: 3:30 - 5:30pm (Closed every 1st, 5th, 16th and 29th of every Chinese Lunar Calendar)

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