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Mee Udang Berasap @ Lepai, Alor Setar

Mee Udang, or prawn noodles is a common dish among Malay community group. It is a simple dish with yellow noodles and a few big prawns bedded in tomato soup. A modest restaurant at Lepai, a small township at Alor Setar neighbouring to Jitra has made this dish a speciality dish which will catch you in surprise because they served the piping hot Mee Udang in a claypot with a lot of smoke! 

Mee Udang Berasap Lepai Alor Setar
The man enjoying his teh tarik while waiting for the smoke to recede
Mee Udang Berasap Lepai Alor Setar

I was introduced to this stall by Alor Setar Malay friends, and it took me some efforts to local this stall as it is really far from Alor Setar maintown. 

The restaurant offers an extensive range of menu - various fried rice, noodles, koay teow and tomyam but majority of the patrons come here for Mee Udang Berasap (RM 10.00)

Mee Udang Berasap Lepai Alor Setar

Served on a piping hot claypot, it comes with a tray and a lot of smoke to the extent that you see nothing as the smoke covers everything, even if you decided to bury your head into the cloud of smoke. Be wary though as the tomato soup was served at its boiling point, alike mini volcano eruption or better known as hydrothermal (tomato soup-thermal) exhalation. Thus the server will carefully place the claypot at the corner of the table so you would not get burnt.

Mee Udang Berasap comes with 3 big and fresh prawns, and the yellow noodles are well blanched to obtain its soft texture. The light tomato soup presents a sweet taste and it tastes alike jawa mee to me. 

The portion is rather small and I had to get another round of dinner at Alor Setar after having this at 5:30pm. 

Mee Udang Berasap Lepai Alor Setar

Mee Udang Berasap Lepai Alor Setar

Mee Udang Berasap Lepai Alor Setar

Direction: follow the road to Lapangan Terbang Sultan Abdul Halim Alor Setar but do not turn into the junction leading to airport, go straight until you reach a T-junction. Take the right turn at T-junction (left turn to Jitra), go straight and take a left turn after you see a road sign pointing to Lepai. Drive for about 3 minutes, passing through a flyover across the North-South Highway and you will see Mee Udang Berasap Lepai shortly on your right at the T-junction. Click direction for a better idea how to reach there.

Mee Udang Berasap @ Lepai
Jalan Hutan Kampung, Lepai, 06250, Alor Setar, Kedah
Operation hours: 5pm - 12am (Closed on Wednesday)

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