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Nasi Lemak Liverpool

Judging by its name, without doubt it must be operated by some Liverpool Football Club die hard fans and probably selling some Liverpool souvenirs. Well, heck no! They are actually a restaurant selling Nasi Lemak, which I have frequented for ages. The popularity of the nasi lemak here probably have overshadowed the owner's love toward Liverpool. YNWA!

Nasi Lemak Liverpool Penang  

Located at Jelutong, this cafe offers a variety of food from nasi lemak, burgers and char koay teow to its patrons. Nasi Lemak remains the top choice of mine, and you can opt for a different version of nasi lemak by hand picking your own ingredients. Be wary though as the price may cost a bomb. Conventional packaged nasi lemak is available too.

Nasi Lemak Liverpool Penang

We picked a piece of drumstick, some anchovies and cucumbers flooded with sambal and curry, and the damage was RM9.00. The sambal is the winning factor of this plate of nasi lemak. We truly love the degree of burning, yet you cannot deny there is a scent of fragrance underlay the sambal. The fried drumstick is a worth picked choice with tender meat and it is well fried. 

Nasi Lemak Liverpool Penang

I believe live telecasting of Liverpool FC is available here too, whenever there is a liverpool match.

This place is manifested with cats too! I am not sure whether they are wild cats or somebody actually taking good care of them, but they are tamed and look gorgeous! Those cats love to lay around within the vicinity of the restaurant, and sometimes on a chair too.

Nasi Lemak Liverpool @ Jelutong
Jalan Tan Sri Teh Ewe Lim, 11600, Penang
Operation hours: 6:30pm - 2:00am (Closed on Tuesday)

Location map refers here.

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  1. getting more expensive...although it's very tasty....

  2. ya lor.. but cannot resist the kuah and the fried chicken... best!