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Iyara Thai Cuisine @ Maritime Piazza, Kapal Singh Drive, Penang

It was a random Saturday where we needed wifi so Mystery Man and I went to Starbucks at Maritime Piazza. After we finished and exited from Starbucks on the second floor, we immediately notice the newly open Thai Cuisine next door. It is a great place for simple family gathering dinner as their menu offered mainly in zhu cha style. How about order a bowl of spicy hot tomyam? Then, accompanied with Thai salad, vegetables and omelette for a complete family meal. Meal for two like us is possible as well with their ala carte noodle and fried rice menu. Nevertheless, their price is on the higher side by judging on the portion though.

Since our Thailand's trip to Hua Hin, we has been missing the superb vemicille with prawn we have tried (link here). When we notice Iyara have this in menu, we immediately change our pick from fried rice to their Claypot Prawn with Glass Noodle (RM 22). Silky shiny glass noodle was served in finger burning metal pot, be cautious when you move the pot towards you. It came with 3 big prawns, very fresh. We thought the glass noodle were overcooked and lost it springy texture, also barely register any strong taste. Probably due to the high expectation we set. Do order extra sides even if you have petite stomach.

What if you hesitate between having a bowl of sweaty hot Tom Yam and pad thai? Yes, we had this dilemma and luckily Iyara offers Tom Yam with the noodle option of Thai Koay Teow (RM 12). You may also change it to maggie, mee hun or glass noodle. First sipped on the broth, we coughed a little with the sudden attack of the spiciness. A little bit milky aura from the coconut milk, combo of soury and spicy, we enjoyed the soup till the bottom of the bowl.

We do not feel full at all, so we added on Fried Fish Cakes (RM 16). It is a little similar with our local snack-> otak-otak. The fish mixture were whizzed until smooth, well seasoned. However, we would appreciate if they replace the raw vegetables with vinegar cucumber, or maybe just provide us lime wedges.

Water Chestnut with Coconut Milk/Tub Tim Grob (RM 6.90), the popular Thai dessert which appealing in terms of colour. I bet children should love this dessert alot. Water chestnut coated with syrup, grass jelly cube and ripped jackfruit served in coconut milk with syrup.

Iyara Thai Cuisine
29C-02-03, Maritime, Lebuh Sungai Pinang 5, 11600 Penang
(604) 376 3733/ (6012) 402 9998
Operation hours: 12 pm - 3.30 pm & 6 pm - 11 pm (Daily)
10% Service charges applicable

Location map refers here.

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