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Gulai Kawah Ramadhan Buffet @ Flamingo Hotel, Penang

It is Holy Ramadhan month for Muslim across the global from 17 June 2015 till 17 July 2015. Most hotels have followed suit by offering Ramadhan Buffet in conjunction with this month for the Muslim to break fast. We were intrigued when Groupon is offering Ramadhan Buffet Dinner at Flamingo Hotel for RM38 instead of RM68 (40% off) per pax, and without much hesitation we purchased the vouchers. The vouchers are claimable on a Sunday only, and reservation is strictly needed 3 days prior to the date.

The dishes or desserts offered mainly encircled amongst Malay style dishes. Though we are not fasting, we imitated Muslims to open our dishes with dates (buah kurma).

They have a variety of food corners for food selection but the dishes for selection in each of the food corner are not overwhelming. Nevertheless, we were quite full having tried all different types of food in each corner. 

Main dishes. The rendang is a must have

The reminiscence of our younger days, Roti Benggali with rendang curry
Bubur Lambuk and laksa
The Malay style laksa tasted quite good. The sourness just hit the decent level and has an unique scent

Not forgetting the traditional Malay dishes such as Lemang and Ketupat. I used to buy them during university time whenever there is a Bazaar Ramadhan within the vicinity of the university. Both the Lemang and Ketupat taste nice accompanied with condiments.

Ulam, or Malay style salad 
It is dessert time! We were quite full though we just had a minimum quantity of food, suspected the calories intake were contributed by the Ketupat and Lemang. Nevertheless, the temptation of desserts must not be resisted.

The dessert just tasted mediocre. Though there are a selection of desserts but we were too full to pick all of them.

Fruits corner

Pasembur and Watermelon Milk. This is our first attempt on Watermelon milk. 

Our own ice cream decoration, it makes us to enlarge our appetite to accommodate these high calories stuff in the end of meal.

After we finished our meal and decided to head to the swimming pool and seaside for a walk, we only realised there is another grill corner by the swimming pool. Arghh...

Ayam panggang

The large kawah which the chef uses to cook rendang

Some pictures of the restaurant:

By the swimming pool

Buffet details (price with GST inclusive):

Gulai Kawah Ramadhan Buffet
RM 66 (Adult)/ RM36 (Children)

Seafood Friday Buffet Dinner
RM 70 (Adult)/ RM37.40 (Children)

Penang Flavour Saturday Buffet Lunch
RM 46.70 (Adult)/ RM 25.70 (Children)

Flamingo Barbeque Saturday Buffet Dinner
RM 79.30 (Adult)/ RM 42 (Children)

Sundalicious Lunch Buffet
RM49 (Adult)/ RM 27 (Children or senior citizen above 65 years old)

Flamingo Hotel by the Beach
Jalan Tanjung Bungah
11200 Tanjung Bungah, Penang, Malaysia

(604) 8927 111
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