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Fresh Tom Yam @ Restaurant Yippie Yap / Bly Star 业家茶食中心

I was introduced to this tomyam noodles at Restaurant Yippie Yap, currently known as Bly Star Restaurant at Alor Setar when I was in Alor Setar. Dubbed by some locals as one of the best tomyam in the town, the crowd of people in the restaurant has further ascertained its status.

Similar to other renowned tomyam in Penang, Fresh tomyam offers a wide range of food elements for selection. A glance through the selection however slightly let me down as most of the food elements were processed foods e.g. fish balls or fish cakes. Most important it does not offer fried fish fillets which are my all-time favorite! Two special food ingredients I could name from the selection available are cuttlefish and prawns, nevertheless I avoided choosing them by factoring the bleed to my wallet later.

Picked the ingredients and name the choice of noodles you prefer to the chef, and they will give you a clip with number on it. Be prepared to heat up your seat if there are a lot of people in the stall.

I was lucky to have my bowl of tomyam arrived after 15 minutes. Served piping hot and reddish colour, it was indeed appealing. A sip of the tomyam soup in my mouth allows me to feel the burning sensation in my tongue, and finishing quarter of the soup has caused droplets of sweat on my forehead and neck. It was indeed spicy and a little scent of sweetness could be tasted in the soup, probably due to the condensed milk added to the tomyam noodles. Thai style maybe?

Overall, the tomyam is spicy with a special scent of sweetness but not to the extent make me craving for it, unlike Ju Heng tomyam which constantly stimulate my salivary glands whenever I thought of it. I was billed RM11 for the selection of the food elements, which I feel was slightly expensive compared to other tomyam I have tried. Nevertheless it was fair as all the price is shown at the stall.
Zhu Char and other food is available in this restaurant, which could be ordered separately but most of the patrons I observed are definitely their tomyam devotees!

Fresh Tom Yam @ Restaurant Yippie Yap / Bly Star 业家茶食中心
57, Pusat Perdagangan Tuanku Haminah, Jalan Tuanku Haminah 2, 05150, Mergong, Alor Setar.
Operation Hours: 5-11pm, Close on Monday

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