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Citra Street Chok Kee Porridge @ Kimberly Street, Penang

Are you confused by my post title? Chok Kee Porridge was originally located at Cintra Street, they are formerly known as Cintra Street Chee Cheong Chok by selling Pork Intestine Porridge only. Since February last year, they have achieved their milestone by owning their personal shop at Kimberly Street. Their shop is easily noticeable at the right hand side of the shop lot after you cross the junction between Kimberly and Kuala Kangsar. It is one shop before Wei Min Medical hall, hanged with the signature Cintra Street signage.

Now, you will find 3 types of porridge in their menu, they are Pork Intestine Porridge, Peanut Porridge and Century Egg Porridge. Pork intestine porridge would be their signature dish of course and we thought it is the best among the three. Century Egg porridge would come second.

Pork Intestine Porridge (RM 6). This was my first time trying so I was expecting just stewed pork intestine but I was wrong as there are dry pork intestine too. The dry chili looking pork intestine were dark in colour. The moment of its crispiness break in my mouth and the zero foul scent, I do not even realize I was biting pork intestine. Char Siew and the ornament of shallot leaf is included in this warm bowl of delectable porridge.

Another favorite of mine would be their Century Egg Porridge (RM 5). This porridge is much flavorful comparing to peanut, probably because the salty egg fragrance kick in. You Tiao would be charged for RM 1 upon order. I thought the you tiao was too crunchy and hard to bite if I didn't let it sink in my porridge for a while.

Peanut Porridge (RM 6) and century egg porridge are introduced to cater for customer who doesn't take pork's organ part. Peanut Porridge, with peanut and lean pork as the main focus ingredients, topped with dry stockfish, shallot leaf and fried vermicelli.

Each bucket were filled with different types of porridge.

You may add on or customize your preference kind of porridge.

Chok Kee Porridge
188, Kimberley Street Penang, 10100 George Town, Malaysia
(6016)480 0659
Operation hours:12:30 pm - 4:30 pm (Closed on weekend)
Landmark: Next to Wei Min Medical Hall

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  1. May i know what is your rating on the food? Nicely in the town?

    1. Hey Ivan, If for pork intestine porridge I would rate it as the best in town, it is rare to find such porridge in Penang. For century egg and peanut porridge, we find it mediocre though.