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Char Koay Kak @ Outside Union Primary School, Jalan Burmah, Penang

Char Koay Kak is a delicacy much altered to the taste for Penang or Northern Region in Malaysia  (Themalayonline, 2014). Though efforts have been made by some hawkers in other states to replicate it but the authenticity remains a doubt as I had one horrible experience with Char Koay Kak in Kuala Lumpur. In other states, it is more well known as Char Lobak Kuih (radish cakes)

In Penang, it is actually a simple dish which square rice cakes fried with lard and mixture of dark and light soy sauce. Bits of pickled radish and fistful of bean sprouts are added to enhance the taste. It is often taken as a snack as one hardly stomach could hardly satisfied by a plate of Char Koay Kak.

We have long heard a stall in front of Union Primary School along Jalan Burmah serves one of the best Char Koak Kak in Penang. 

Char Koay Kak Jalan Burmah Union Primary Oyster
Char Koay Kak Jalan Burmah Union Primary Oyster

When we arrived the stall, we finally know the factor contributed to the illegal parking alongside the road. There was a number of patrons waiting for this famous Char Koay Kak while just 3 tables were provided at the pedestrian pathway.

A staff came to confirm the order with us, and murmured softly to us whether we want chilli, bean sprouts etc. Without listening carefully, we actually consented to have oysters added to our plate of Char Koak Kak, and indeed it cost a bomb.

A plate of Char Koak Kak with oysters cost us RM 13. Though the oysters were fresh and juicy but it was an unexpected and non necessity expenditures. 

Char Koay Kak Jalan Burmah Union Primary Oyster

The plate of Char Koay Kak is well fried, with a balanced taste of fresh sweetness and saltiness contributed by the pickled radish. The diced rice cakes are well sized, not too colossal or too small. The oysters were great, but we felt it does not blend well into the plate of char koay kak. Another bit of pickled radish would do worth better.

Generally, it tasted above average but I am doubtful for another visit due to exorbitant price of a plate of Char Koay Kak, which considered as a snack personally.

Char Koay Kak Jalan Burmah Union Primary Oyster

Char Koay Kak @ Outside Union Primary School
Jalan Burmah, Penang
Operation hours: 6:30 - 10:00pm (Closed on weekends) 

Location map refers here.

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  1. I love char koay kak very much but this stall still not the best.(based on my taste bud)
    Night time, I love the one near Chew Jetty, only selling Mon to Fri.
    Morning time, I love the one inside Jelutong Pasar, an uncle selling one. =D

    1. Ya.. this stall above average nia.. and overpriced too.

      the stall at Jelutong night market also not bad.. ask for extra "chai por" then yumm!!