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Cendol Pulut @ Kangar, Perlis

I get to know this stall from Jazzlah’s blog. Having tasted cendol pulut at a roadside stall in Kulim, I was eager to try other cendol pulut offered by other stalls.

Manned by a pair of senior couple, this modest stall is located at Lorong Meranti Bukit, Kangar, Perlis. As I am not origin from Perlis, it took me some effort to locate this stall as the location is quite hidden. I was able to recognize this stall by the yellow banner wrapped around their stall.

The speciality of this stall is they use coconut milk in preparing the various desserts, as mentioned by Jazzlah (no opportunity was present for me to ask the owner as they were busy). Cendol Pulut (RM 1.70) has a nice aroma, which I believe is derived from the coconut milk. Coupled with red beans and slices, green cendol and a spoonful of glutinous rice, it is indeed soothing during a scorching hot day.

The soya bean (RM1.20 take away; RM1 on the spot drink) has an original and thick soya bean taste, and I just decided to take away as a bowl of cendol pulut has satiated my craving well.
The desserts usually finish earlier than the stall stipulated close time, so do come early to prevent disappointment.


Cendol Pulut @ Kangar, Perlis
Jalan Bukit Lagi, 01000, Kangar, Perlis
Operation Hours: 11am till finishes (about 2-3pm)

Location map refers here.

Remarks: The location pinpoint in this post may not be 100% accurate due to the difference in google map compared to author's actual experience. Nevertheless it should be within the vicinity.

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  1. yea...the google map u plot is correct... =D

  2. Thanks for your confirmation and your great recommendation also :D

    If not you I wouldn't know the existence of this stall at Kangar, need to steal more info from you on Perlis liao

    1. I only know few places for best makan only cos i seldom go to Perlis recently. Hope I can return there for a makan trip again someday....