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AL-Madinah Special Fried Chicken @ Penang

Majority will head to fast food chains restaurants for to satisfy the crave for fried chickens, and I had an option to head for a more economical way when the budget runs tight during this economy recession time - just head to Al-Madinah Special Fried Chicken.

Al-Madinah special fried chicken is priced at RM3.00 per piece. The term "special" does not simply derived, as the fried chicken possessed crispy skin, and sensation of spices could be felt in every bites of the tendered meat. We were quite unlucky as chicken thigh was sold out when the time we were there (about 9pm).

They sell via a moving truck which setup in various spots in Penang during different days.The young chap is in charge of handling order while the senior guy was seen busy frying chickens. They were friendly, and able to converse well in Hokkien too. Well, wait no longer and go for a few pieces to add on some dishes to your dinner tonight, if the truck is within your neighbourhood vicinity! 

Al-Madinah Special Fried Chicken
Operation hours: 5pm - 10pm

Location at Sungai Pinang refers here. Near Flat Nusantara.

Feel free to share us the coordinate for their whereabout the other day too.

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