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Sarawak Kolo Mee @ Sajo Cafe, Jalan Air Item, Penang

As I have been living in Kuching for 4 years, I have been missing Sarawak's delicacies since I am back. From a few stalls of kolo mee I have tried in Penang, I have yet found anything close before Sajo Cafe. The cafe is manned by Sarawakian, born and raised in Miri. The air conditional cafe has quite extensive menu, including foochow foods as well. As they are from Miri, I was hoping to find Tiang Piang Ngu (鼎边糊) and Zao Cai Fen Gan (糟菜粉干) in the menu. Nevertheless, their Kolo Mee with Char Siew red sauce is great enough to sooth my yearn.

As we wish to try both the original Kolo Mee (RM 4.80)and Red Sauce Kolo Mee (RM 4.80), we did some cheating when ordering. Thanks to the friendly lady allowing us to do so. We ordered Red Sauce Kolo Mee but requested the red sauce served separately. After trying the original, we pour the red sauce and blend them with noodle. I would say their Kolo Mee scrumptious either in original or with red sauce. Their homemade noodle were slim and springy. The homemade char siew and minced pork have added on the richness in flavor. By adding the vinegar chili, it has further induced sourness thus making it much appetizing. If you are not used to the dryness of Kolo Mee, you may add few scoops of soup provided.

Note: Please do not follow our way of ordering, do let their professional chef blend the red sauce before served.

Sarawak Laksa (RM 6.80), another signature dish of Sarawak. Creamy and rich broth with vermicelli noodle. compliment with prawns, bean sprouts, chicken slices, shredded omelette and coriander. It came with condiment of chili paste in the bed of pressed lime juice. Add the condiment to the noodle for sharper taste. We thought it would taste much detectable with more fresh lime served for us to squeeze.

3 Layers Tea (RM 2.80)
3 Tasted Coffee (RM 2.80)

Sajo Cafe
Jalan Air Hitam, 11500, Air Hitam, Penang. 
(016)441 1100
Business Hours: 11 am to 10 pm (Closed on Sunday)
Landmark: 2 shops away from Police Station, Air Itam Wet Market

Location map refers here.

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