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Mount Erskine Hawker Centre @ Tanjung Tokong, Penang

Tucked on the left side of Jalan Mount Erskine if you are coming from Pulau Tikus, this modest and unnamed hawker centre, or maybe known as Mount Erskine hawker centre offers some delicate dishes to please your stomach. You will see a line of cars parking beside the road even though it is clearly a non-parking zone, marked by the double yellow line.

One of the must try food here is Mee Goreng (RM5.00). Manned by a young Indian chap whom can speak excellent Hokkien and a Chinese lady, they served one of the best mee goreng in Penang Island. They are using charcoal to fry the noodles, and resulted a great wok hei imbued within the noodles. Sprinkles of fried onion and green leafy vegetables on top of the dried version of noodles heightened the appearance. Do squeeze the lime over the noodles to add the tangy sensation.

Laksa (RM4.50), one of the most signature dish in Penang is available here. The portion does not justify the price tag for the laksa though, as we could finish the noodles within minutes. It is good to satisfy your craving for laksa actually.

Roti Bak Kwa (RM1.50) is always such a reminiscent to my secondary school days. I always find it hard to resist the temptation whenever I see the white vans selling roti bak kwa.

A bowl of ice kacang, topped with chocolate ice cream (RM3.50) is always the best choice to quench your thirst in the scorching hot afternoon.

Apart from the food mention, curry mee and chicken rice seem like a worthy try on our next visit. 

Mount Erskine Hawker Centre
Jalan Mount Erskine, 10470, Penang, Malaysia
Operation hours: Afternoon
Location map refers here.

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