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Midnight Curry Mee / Curry Lor Mee @ Pekan Cina, Alor Setar

This midnight curry mee stall in Alor Setar has got long history but I lack the exuberance to have it ticked off from my check list until recently. On a Monday, my stomach was growling at 12am due to a dull dinner I had. After a slight hesitation, I picked my car key and drove straight to Pekan Cina. In case you may wonder, the hesitation derived from the sinful feeling after having the curry mee as it will be definitely carbohydrate overloaded. 

I arrived at Pekan Cina and it was a rather quiet Monday midnight at Alor Setar. Nevertheless, there were at least 10 cars park, inclusive of a few luxury cars within the vicinity of this curry mee stall. It appears this Alor Setar legendary midnight curry mee was a hot spot for midnight eatery from blue collars to the haves.

Assortment of ingredients available!

The immense choice of ingredients are giving me a tough time during selection. I am not a great fan of processed food such as fish balls and crab sticks hence the choice such as pork intestines, okra, lobak or even cuttlefish has stimulated the salivary gland slightly. The boss mentioned that if I came at 10am sharp, I will be surprised by the mountain load of ingredients.
Some of the special dishes I could find. This is my first time come accross you tiao for curry mee
A must add for your curry mee - curry chicken
Tau pok, or fried beancurd immersed in the strong reddish curry soup
The queue in waiting before my bowl was served. Mind you, it was 12am then! 

The boss took about 25 minutes before serving my bowl of noodles then. I picked a piece of curry chicken, a piece of fried beancurd skin, two pieces of okra, one potato, two meat balls, and one stalk of green beans and it cost me RM7.90. Tau pok comes complimentary though. I was a little surprised because I was expecting about RM10. A piece of curry chicken in economy rice stalls, or I should rename them as mixed rice stall instead as it no longer economy could cost about RM2. 

A spoonful of chilli comes along with the curry mee and stirring them with the soup introduced an apparent spicy sensation in every sip of the curry. The curry is lent toward clear and watery type, without heavy scent of santan. It tasted alike the curry we have in curry chicken, though the addition of noodles or ingredients may have altered and intensified the curry slightly. I still prefer Penang style curry mee though as they used to possess a strong and thick curry taste. I have to admit I am a heavy taster anyhow, and people whom prefer a lighter taste would enjoy this one.

On a separate occasion, I tried their curry lor mee aka mixture of curry soup with starchy (lor) soup. This is the first times I come across this weird combination and I was a doubtful when I ordered them. After trying them, I would prefer mixture of curry and lor over normal curry mee as the starchy soup has increased the consistency of curry, making it thicker in taste. A blind folded with normal olfactory system person would hardly able to tell starchy soup has been added. By sniffing carefully one could probably smell out a little scent of the the starchy soup, as I observed the chef's helper just added two small scoops of starchy soup.

This round I picked a different assortment of ingredients, and I am contracting my earlier statement that I do not enjoy processed food. Four wantans, a roll of lobak, 2 fishballs, 1 square fishball and a you tiao cost me RM 10.50. 

I felt sinful after eating the curry mee as my stomach looked bloated and I was so full. If you ask me, would I come over for another bowl of curry mee shall I am feeling hungry again, I will say yes without hesitation. Finding a decent midnight eatery at Alor Setar is not easy, provided you give a skip to the mamak stalls.

The boss and lady boss were very friendly. They served their customers with a smile on face, and surprisingly they remembered their customers well. Over the 45 minutes sitting there, I could heard the boss talking to the customers "wah so long you never come here ever since you went to KL", "remember to come again if you are back to Alor Setar". There was a young chap telling the boss "I will definitely miss the curry mee here as I am going to further study abroad". It seems that the business has evolved beyond a regular eatery then.

Midnight curry mee @ Alor Setar, Kedah
Pekan Cina
Operation Hours: 11:00pm - 5:30am (Closed on Sunday)

Location map refers here.

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