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Local 'Starbucks' Coffee @ Noordin Street, Penang

Anyone try this version of 'Starbucks' coffee born and origin from Penang? The reason why it is called Starbucks because the star shape Latte art. We happened to pass by Noordin street and spotted this standalone make shift stall selling just coffee. Out of curiosity, Mystery Man and I parked our car and walked towards the stall. We found her stall pasted with newspaper cutout. My internal voice telling me it must be good. We ordered coffee in both cold and hot with less sugar, the taste is bold and elusive. However, there are difference between the hot and cold coffee, I believe it should be the acidic level.

Aunty told us she only came out after 2pm to serve coffee. The hours between 9 am till 2 pm will be managed by her husband. I brought my colleague to try around 1.30 pm, we were welcomed and served by her husband. I can say her husband has served equally best coffee too. However, my colleagues were eager to taste and witness Aunty's coffee Latte Art so she came to serve us extra two cup of coffees. Tears rolling in my eyes with this heart warming gesture, 充满人情味的咖啡啊!

The making of piping hot coffee with Latte Art

The making of chilly coffee with Latte Art

The humble stall manned by this lovely couple.
'Starbucks' coffee paper cutting

'Starbucks' coffee paper cutting
The scenic view of Komtar tower while enjoying a cup of rice coffee.

Cititel Express that trying to remind the memories of old days. Hearsay it used to be theater here.
Penang's 'Starbucks' Coffee
Lebuh Noordin, Georgetown, 10300 Penang, Malaysia
Operation hours: 9 am - 2 pm (Manned by uncle); 2pm - 5 pm (Manna by aunty)
Landmarks: Behind St Giles Hotel

Location map refers here.

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