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Lameizi Steamboat 辣妹子 @ Nagore Road, Penang

Lameizi restaurant has offer steamboat devotees a great choice of dining with their odd operation hours from 5pm - 5am. Famous for its Szechuan ma la(麻辣)soup, it leaves behind a memorable experience for those who have choose their ma la soup as the soup base. In my opinion, the steamboat with ma la soup will be at it primes during a cold night, ensuring droplets of sweat splashes from your forehead.

There are different types of soup available for your choosing, from old duck soup, chicken soup, tomyam soup and etc. Of course, all the soup base comes with a price tag from RM 20 - RM40, and I personally feel it is not cheap. I have heard their old duck soup is rich in flavor and well deserved the money paid but we only opt for ma la soup due to budget constrain. However, we regretted that shortly as the ma la soup is extremely spicy to the extent pinching my nerves and numbed my tongue!

The ingredients of steamboat is at your pick. The menu is not wallet friendly hence please be wise when picking the ingredients. On top of the usual steamboat stuff, there are some fried stuff for your selection too.

Four different types of condiments - chillies, garlic, green chillies and red chillies are offered. All condiments work well with different type of ingredients and the red chillies added more fire to the hot ma soup.

Obviously a bottle of wheatgrass were insufficient for us. We ended up ordered another bottle. 

Aside from Nagore Road's main outlet, they have another 2 outlets, namely at Krystal Point Bayan Lepas and Ipoh.

Lameizi Steamboat @ Nagore Road, Penang
5, Jalan Nagore, 10500, Georgetown, Penang
Operation Hours: 5pm - 5:00am

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