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KO.B.Q @ Elit Avenue, Penang

It is a great news that KO.B.Q has recently branched out to the Southeast zone of Penang. Patrons from the vicinity do not have to travel all the way to Precinct 10 to enjoy their delectable BBQ. This newly set up outlet located at Elit Avenue, operated by Korean. Although they are lacking of helpers now, the servers remains very attentive and courteous to serve the best to their customers. 

Korean food always come with free flow of side dishes, the 6 of them are kimchi, long bean, fruit salad, raddish, long bean, cucumber and seaplant. We were not keen on korean side dishes so we finished it without refill.

Pork Dolsot Bibimbap (RM 22), one of the popular and well known Korean dish to many Asian. The colourful shredded vegetables and minced port were nicely arranged in the hot stone bowl, topped with sesame sunny side up. I believe most of the kids would love this dish. Just blended everything together and enjoy the palatable meal with heat preserved.

Korean Pan Cake, another dish I would not missed in Korean cuisine. We opted for Kimchi Jeon (RM 25) instead of seafood. Nicely battered egg with kimchi, pan fried to thinly spread form.

It is great that KO.B.Q does not have the minimum meat order requirement for BBQ. For meat options, you may choose between beef, chicken and pork. There are 3 of us, thus we ordered Marinated Pork Rib (RM 35) and BBQ Spicy Pork Belly (RM 32). The tenderly pork were well seasoned, grilled to perfection with charcoal. It lead me wonder, if I were to cook it myself instead of their stuff, will it the meat that delicious? However, for pork belly, it could be a little oily but no harm for once in a while.

Condiments for BBQ pork.
Lettuce for wrapping with pork and condiments.

We were lucky to enjoy their 15% offer last week. Before I left, I was told that they may consider extending their offers. Do give them a call for confirmation. It is best to reserve before you walk in.

1-1-13A, Elite Avenue, Jalan Mayang Pasir 3, 11950 Bayan Baru, Penang
(6018) 473 5994
Operation hours: 11.30 am - 3 pm & 5pm - 10.30 pm (Weekday); 11.30 am -10.30 pm (Weekend)
10% service charge applicable

Landmark: Pantai Hospital
Location map refers here.

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