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Kek Seng Coffee Shop @ Penang Road, Penang

As one of the historical coffee shop (established since year 1906), that still keeping the wooden rectangular table intact, you will find a number of great foods here. The shop is easily noticeable as it tucked within the Unesco building along the bustling Penang Road. The star in this coffee shop would be their home made durian ice cream with ice kacang. Our favorite would be their Hainan Chicken Rice, simple but delightful.

Update (June 25th, 2017): The Hainan chicken rice here is replaced with the Siam Chicken Rice that previously under Lam Hong Coffee Shop.

Our recent visit in year 2017 has caught us in surprise that Lam Hong Coffee shop no longer exist, while the Siam Hainan Chicken Rice has moved to Kek Seng Coffee Shop. It is a good news for us that we can now enjoy both Siam Chicken Rice and Durian Ice Kacang under one roof. 

Their chicken available in both white and roast, served in the bed of black soy sauce that gives you the bold and strong salty aromatic kick. Don't be shy to ask for more black sauce if you are craving for more. Their rice isn't any ordinary white rice, but with the flavour from herbs and spices. They are very generous on serving their signature green chili sauces. A whole bottle of it packaged with every order. 2 pax portion of chicken with 1 bowl of rice cost us for RM 12

Char Koay Teow (RM 5)

Fried Rice (RM 5.50)
Fried rice does gave us a sense of homey impression. The rice is lightly seasoned with soy sauce and coated with egg, accompanied with diced cut char siew and 2 fresh prawn. Though the sambal is salty, but try scope a tiny bit of it and mix it with the rice, it will bring you another stormy savoury experience. However, their Char Koay Teow is quite a disappointment though.

Kek Seng's signature durian ice cream with ice kacang
Kek Seng's signature durian ice cream with ice kacang
As durian lover, I will not miss their homemade durian ice cream. Kek Sheng's ice kacang (RM 4.90) was an eye candy, colourful jelly with sweet corns and red beans, while shaved ice glazed with syrup and coconut milk. If you wasn't a fans of durian, you can always opted for their default version for ice kacang. However, we thought the price is on the high side.

Previous Hainan Chicken Rice experience:

The very kochabi Chicken Rice (RM 4), white rice that glazed with palatable soy sauce, compliment with nicely chopped roasted chicken. Handful garnishment of shallot leaf has added a subtle onion flavour. The key that making their chicken rice distinctive would be their chili sauce. It wasn't spicy but a great combination with the soy sauce.

Kek Seng Coffee Shop
382 & 384, Jalan Penang, 10000 Penang, Malaysia
Opening hours: 7.30am - 3.30pm (Daily), Chicken Rice open from 9 am - 3 pm (Closed on Thursday)
Landmark: Next to Gartien, few shop away from Hike Enterprise

Location map refers here.

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