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Cecil Street Market @ Penang

Cecil Street Market or much commonly called 7th Street Market should be a familiar places for most Penangite. It is one of the biggest hawker center in Penang that combined wet markets and food court. Just like Batu Lanchang Market, vast range of local foods can be found in just one place. Mystery Man and I have some pick of food that we favor the most.

Fried Sago (RM 2), the unique snack you rarely find else where. During my first attempt, I was expecting to have a plate of tiny mini sago, however with the process of frying they have combined into sticky chewy pieces in irregular form. A little bit of spiciness with bean sprout to create the biting texture. It is quite similar to koay kak but in much stickier way. I personally think this dish should be shared among friends, you might find it distasteful because it is too sticky. You can find this from the stall namely Sister 7th Street Sago Char, which sell dessert such as red bean soup too. Stall located few steps away from Lohan Gor and coco ice drink stall. 

Duck Meat Koay Teow Th'ng with silky smooth koay teow and hand teared duck meat. Fish ball and meat ball were added to balance the duck scent because not everyone can accept the foul duck scent. Sprinkles of shallot leaf were added to leveled the rich broth.

850 Char Koay Teow is my another favorite. As usual, I have requested it fried with extra spiciness. When this CKT was served, my first bite filled with the complication of heat, spiciness and wok hei. It was such an indulgence. Points added with the egg perfectly adhered to the koay teow, making every bite radiating decent egg scent.

If you love Chulia Street Curry Mee, now you can have it in the afternoon here. The richness of the soup and their signature large fish ball still maintained. 

Jawa Mee

Penangite usually love to add on RM 5 roasted pork as snack from the wet market.

Lohan Gor and Coco Ice.

Cecil Street Market
Lebuh Cecil, 10300 Penang, Malaysia
Operation hours: Afternoon
Location map refers here.

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