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Cafe: Street Art @ Lebuh China, Penang

Street Art Cafe has ceased operation.

Gathering with friend has made us sought for new cafe. Street Art Cafe has opened since last year October, popular with their Fried Ice Cream. Although the cafe occupied two shop lots but the dining spaces quite small to cater the crowds during weekend. When you pass by their shop, the Fried Ice Cream work-in-progress behind the window certainly caught your eyes. Do make reservation if you come in huge crowd.

Kiwi Fried Ice Cream (RM 6.90) sweetness level was great with the freshness of kiwi. Topped with chocolate sauce and almond nib.

There 10 choices of flavour for you to choose. We love their effort using fresh fruits as the ingredient for the ice cream instead of artificial sauce.

Chilled Cheesy Cake (RM 10.90) with Oreo as the base crust. The cake was moist with the creamy sensation of cheese.

Desserts In A Jar Mango (RM 9.90) in 3 layers, with mango as the top, cream cheese that sandwich in between while salted caramel as the base.

Huge glasses of chilly drinks, clockwise from top left: Mango Yogurt, Ice Blended Chocolate Banana, Strawberry Yogurt and Iced Blended Mocha. Each cost for RM 11.90.

Noname (RM 14.90), yes no typo here. This spaghetti was named with Noname. A creative dish that combined bolognese, carbonara and aglio olio.

We were startled by the enormous portion of Popcorn Chicken (RM 10.90) as we have ordered desserts and spaghetti already. The crusty skin with soft chicken meat inside, has made it a great snake to enjoy while chit chat with buddies.

Street Art Cafe
80 & 82, Lebuh China, 10200 George Town, Malaysia
Operation hours: 10:30 am - 10:30 pm (Closed on Tuesday)
Landmarks: Opposite Kuan Yin Temple, few shops away Kaffa Signature

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