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Cafe: Elmural @ Cintra Street, Penang

Update: Elmural has ceased operation.

Elmural cafe is one of the new cafe in Penang which officially opened January this year. Two months ago, their French chefs, Nicholas and Mathieu joined them, with Nicholas focus on cooking while Mathieu on desserts. The wall is filled with the owner's favorite mural art collection. Dining in their cafe gave us the feeling as if we are enjoying meal in an art gallery.  Elmural is specialize on pork dishes and their signature gelato ice cream.

We just have to try out their main with cheese, thus we opted for Pasta 'Elmural' (RM 19.90) which is pasta carbonara. Delicate egg yolk topped the warm creamy pasta, garnished with parsley leaf. Gently blend the egg yolk with fettuccine, let the eggy scent sink into the creamy sauce, slotted with thinly sliced pork pieces that sautéed till brownish.

Another main we ordered, of course something related to pork. Pork Chop A-la 'Chipotle' with fries and salad (RM 26.90). An inch thick pork steak carefully grilled to the perfection of juicy and tenderly. Then, the pork is glazed with Chipotle sauce, a type of sweet sauce with a little bit of spicy Mexican sauce made from smoked chili. The chef have localized the dishes by adding some touch of peppery. 

Desserts for after meal with Chocolate Lava Cake (RM 12.90) , although the homemade chocolate cake served in warm but the oozing chocolate center did not happen. However, the sweetness level of the Soufflé and the chocolate just nice to our liking. The contradiction between the warm cake and vanilla ice cream is awesome.

For our next visit, we would love to try out their starter and Gelato ice cream.

Customize yourself with pepper and salt.

If you are interested to organize birthday party or business event, you are welcomed to reserve the place.

Elmural Cafe
83 Cintra Street, 10100 George Town, Malaysia
Operation hours: 11:30 am - 3:00 pm & 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm (Closed on Tuesday)
(604)262 0933/ (6013)430 9333
Landmarks: Few shops away from De Tai Tong Dim Sum

Location maps refers here.
Elmural's Facebook page refers here.

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